All-Terrain Shopping Trolley Turns Rental Bikes Into Utes

Bike-sharing programs have blossomed in major cities around the world as a cheap way for tourists and vehicle-less residents to quickly get around. But Udi Rimon wants to make the services even more useful with this brilliantly designed Tel-O-Porter trailer that makes rental bikes useful for hauling heavy cargo too.

You won't be moving your entire apartment with one of them, but transporting a hefty load of groceries or a few items from IKEA is now possible with one of these in tow. Specifically designed for Tel Aviv's Tel-O-Fun shared bike service (hence the name) the Tel-O-Porter trailer can support up to 45kg of cargo. When unhitched from a bike, it can be dragged around by hand like a shopping trolley. So let's just hope they're popular enough to be considered for use outside of Israel.

[Udi Rimon via I New Idea Homepage]

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