Air-Conditioned Pants May Be The Most Over-Engineered Garment Ever

It's hot the hell outside, these days, and it's pretty much unf**kingbearable to endure. Which may be why it took me an embarrassingly long amount of time — a few minutes, in this case, is a few minutes too many — to come back down to Earth and realise that pants with their own built-in A/C are not as brilliant as my sun-addled mind first thought.

Because: shorts.

Shorts are the pants you wear when it's hot outside! They are half the fabric, loose and breezy, allowing natural A/C — a gust of summer wind, say — to blow through your nether regions... without the need for a built in battery pack and a designated fan pocket.

Sure, a personal wind system within your trousers must feel nice. Very nice, I'm sure. But lumbering around in a bulky portable cooling system ($208) seems just too convoluted, when you could easily throw on a pair of cut-offs and work on your tan.

It may be hot out, but I can't imagine it ever being so hot has to warrant such high-tech trousers. [Gizmag]

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