25 Of The Deadliest Explosions Man Ever Made

25 Of The Deadliest Explosions Man Ever Made

Everybody likes to watch explosions. Come on, admit it: you like looking at enormous blasts on YouTube because they simultaneously thrill you and make you feel safer and more cautious in your tiny little life. OK, maybe I am projecting a little. But who cares. Whether they’re the result of war, science, freak accidents or rocket failures, destruction is in our blood. The fireball is our final heartbeat, the blastwave is our last breath.

I hope you love the following selection of devastating detonations as much as I do.

The Halifax explosion, December 1917

The town of Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) was destroyed by the explosion of a cargo ship loaded with military explosives. About two thousand people were killed and almost 10 thousands were injured. Until the first nuclear blast, it was the largest man-made explosion in recorded history with an equivalent force of 2.9 kilotons of TNT.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Hindenburg catastrophe, May 1937

Photo: AP

The fate of USS Shaw, December 1941

Photo: NHHC

The Trinity explosion, July 1945

Source: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Texas City Disaster, April 1947

Refineries and oil storage tanks of the Monsanto chemical plant burn in the waterfront area of Texas City, TX. The disaster was caused by the explosion of the French ship Grandcamp, which was loaded with 7700 tons of ammonium nitrate. About 2.7 kilotons of energy — the equivalent of 1.134 kilotons of TNT — was released. 581 died and more than 5000 were injured. This is generally considered the worst industrial accident in United States history.

Photo: AP

Heligoland, April 1947

Source: YouTube/LordGeorgeRodney

Castle Bravo, March 1954

Photo: United States Department of Energy/Wikimedia Commons

The Vanguard explosion, December 1957

Source: YouTube/CRGIS Interns

Ripple Rock, April 1958

Source: YouTube/John Hutchison

Failed Titan I launch, December 1959

Source: YouTube/Mr Dan Beaumont

The Nedelin catastrophe, October 1960

Source: YouTube/Roscosmos

The Tsar Bomba, October 1961

Photo: YouTube/kovainfo

Atlas-Centaur rocket explosion, March 1965

Source: YouTube/BubbyTechTV

Operation Sailor Hat, 1965

Photo: US Navy/NHHC

N1 launch explosion, July 1969

Source: YouTube/Roscosmos TV

The Murdock BLEVE, September 1983

Source: YouTube/robytar

The San Juanico disaster, November 1984

Source: YouTube/Miguel Angel Sanabria Aguilar

Minor Scale, June 1985

Photo: globalsecurity.org/nuclearfiles.org

The PEPCON disaster, May 1988

Source: YouTube/DiscoveryNetworks

MOAB test, 2003

Source: YouTube/MilitaryChannel

Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal Fire, December 2005

Photo: Hertfordshire Police/Getty Images

Sea Launch Rocket Failure, January 2007

Source: YouTube/Tolbert1906

FOAB test, September 2007

Source: YouTube/HHHuSSStleRRR

The last BLU-82, July 15, 2008

Photo: Capt Patrick Nichols/US Air Force

Cataño oil refinery fire, October 2009

Photo: CSB

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