12 Classic Cameras Unlike Any You've Seen Before

The dvent of digital photography has transformed how we view the world around us. The breadth and scope of our image capture devices has exploded. But not even the most ingenious action cam can compare to the sheer audacity of these awesome rigs collected by our friends at Ooobject.

Be sure to also take a look through these industrial movie cameras, 14 film shooters what look like bullet shooters, and 20 8mm cameras (that may or may not have been used in that terrible Nic Cage movie).

Rectaflex Rotor 1952

Bell & Howell Clockwork Movie Camera

Giant 900lb Camera 1900

In 1900, George R Lawrence built this mammoth 900 lb. camera to take a picture of a train.

Dr. Neubronner's Miniature Pigeon Camera

Used for aerial reconnaissance during WWI.

Meopta Pankopta Panoramic Camera, 1962

Nicca Nicnon Binocular Spy Camera

Stereo Photosphere Camera, France 1890

Houghton Ticka, Watch Camera 1906

Demon Detective Camera 1880s

Cane Handle Camera Ben Akiba By A Lehmann, 1903

Williamson Propeller Powered Aeroplane Camera

Camera attaches to the bottom of aeroplane; propeller provides power for film advance.

French Revolver Camera 1882

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