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We've already given away some killer prizes, and now we're down to the last giveaway for 2012. How do you fancy an awesome new Olympus TG-1 Tough Camera valued at $499? Here's how you win...

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Who Won?

Sockparty picks up the TG-1 after his amazing story about mutually-assured camera theft destruction.

It was during my first trip to London. It was my first morning there, and I was incredibly excited. I had scheduled a huge day of hitting all the touristy spots (Big Ben, Tower bridge, London Eye etc) and I had my Nikon D70 out of its snoot case and ready to go, even though I was still on the underground (which obviously in retrospect was a bit naive).

I was standing in the middle of a not-too-crowded carriage near a set of doors, when the train pulled up at Piccadilly Circus. Just as the doors started to close, a young bloke who I thought was asleep jumped up from a nearby seat, snatched the camera from my shoulder and took off.

Now, you can probably imagine how the story might have ended from there, but in fact this is where things get interesting. For some reason my gut reaction was, rather than chase the guy, to step forward and give the bastard a nice hard ankle tap just as he'd almost cleared the doors.

It turned out to be the perfect move, because as the doors shut I watched from the window as he sprawled out across the platform, A over T, landing directly on top of my camera. The train paused just long enough for me to watch him roll back over and look directly at me in shock, with the broken pieces of my camera underneath where he had landed.

So again, without thinking I flipped him the bird, pressed it up against the window and shouted "HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES, ARSEHOLE?!" before the train finally took off.

Despite the fact that my camera was stolen and subsequently destroyed, it is still one of my proudest moments. Fortunately I got the money back on travel insurance, but the most amusing part was telling the story to the Bobbies - I had to file a police report for the insurance. They all pissed themselves laughing but agreed it was one of the best stories they'd ever heard. Of course the thief was never arrested. But I guess on that day, he forgot to "mind the gap".

Here's hoping the TG-1 comes in handy, mate!

The Olympus TG-1 Tough is an excellent camera that packs a 12-megapixel sensor, f/2 lens with 5x telephoto zoom and 1080p video shooting abilities into a weaponised case that can withstand the wet, the dry, the mud and the dirt. It can even hold up against drops. The TG-1 is shock-proof, drop-proof, water-proof, dirt-proof and frost-proof. You're set for underwater depths up to 12 metres, it'll withstand a fall of up to 2 metres, a weight of 100 kilograms and can survive temperatures as low as -10 degrees C. The case is also doubly sealed for added protection. It also comes with A-GPS for geotagging your snaps and a 3-inch touchscreen.

It's worth $499 and we're excited to give this one away. So how do you win?

To win this amazing camera, all you have to do is tell us how your last camera died. Did you step on it? Perhaps it got wet? My last camera died after it fell off a boat while recording video. At the bottom of a lake in Austria there's a camera that carries the last moments we ever shared together before it fell...what's your best story?

To enter, you must also be a registered Gizmodo Australia member. Not a member? Register here.

Important dates: • Entries close 10am Thursday December 20 • Winner also announced tomorrow • Winner will receive the Olympus Tough TG-1 mid-late January 2013 due to end of year • Full terms and conditions.


    As my centre of gravity shifted, instead of my right foot stepping from the boat into the kayak, I stepped onto the water. Upon quickly realising I wasn't Jesus, I proceeded to fall into the ocean, camera and sunglasses along for the ride. So it turns out cameras don't float. I also found out I am not a good diver.

    My last camera died the same way all of my cameras seem to die. Old age and over use!

    It fell out of the sky (and shattered), while i was on one of those small planes, without the fully enclosed tops.

    Now I am registered I shall try again
    My Canon G11 died on a boat on the Great Barrier Reef. Just as the whale breached 5 meters away, the camera decided to die. So not only did I not get a picture of the whale I didn't see much of it as I was occupied trying to get the camera started. Turned out it was a dud PCB, just a random moment to die
    PS: the same location was the place I killed a Nikonos when the back opened underwater when some idiot (me) forgot to check that the back was locked down.

    Well I don't know if it died, but the battery certainly did.

    I was taking my cadet unit surfing and we thought some action shots on the GoPro would be good, until the cadets emerged from the surf sans camera :(

    We had fun speculating about its life, thinking that it got some awesome video as it got swallowed by a whale off Prevelly beach in Margaret River, then launched in the air as the whale got rid of its water.

    I guess the unit could use a new camera!

    Mine kinda did fall off a boat. Whilst in the navy I was hoisting lines up the mast ( about 30m high)
    Was taking photos from the top of the mast when it slipped and fell 30m to the steel deck of the ship. But to my surprise the camera survived only to have it slip out of my hand as I walked off the ship and having it fall in to the harbor.

    First trip over seas, sent some time in Norway during winter with my brand new Nikon D70, fly into norway in the middle of winter, the first night i left my camera inside a bag and a 2l bottle of coke on the back seat. Next morning the bottle of coke is frozen solid, hard as a rock, get the camera out and no go at all, recharge, warm it up, nothing.

    Found out it was only a balmy -20c over night on my first night in norway.

    My last camera was taken over by my 9yr old daughter. It's now HER camera. God knows where it is, what condition it is in, or if it even works. I see it from time to time sitting under a pile of toys, or covered in greasy hand prints after a party. I am not allowed to touch it, or look at the photos on it. It's dead to me.

    I was taking photos of my wife riding a push bike in front of me, with me on a push bike as well one hand on the handle bar. Then, my front wheel hit a stone causing me to lose balance and fell on the road, and the camera thrown a few metres away. Broke the LCD screen and somehow won't switch on again anymore. Good thing all photos are still okay.

    One day I was taking project shots of fruit and veggies, placing them in arrangements on the kitchen bench. Then I decided to explore the medium and open it up a bit. Slicing apples, broccoli and onion... Oh it was swell and I was so excited. Until I opened the chili and it all went downhill from there. With my bare hands I was fiddling with the insides of the chili and before I got the shot ready BAM stupidly rubbed my eyes. Before I knew it I was running around screaming, both eyes on fire as it spread throughout my face. Panicking and blinded with the camera in my hand I threw it down and whipped the kitchen tap on. As I was washing my face and finally started to feel better I noticed the kitchen sink was full... And my camera was floating in it... Damn. No more camera, no more awesome fruit photos.

    Last edited 19/12/12 8:52 pm

    A charming--and exceptionally well-trained--Balinese monkey flashed a disarmingly beautiful smile at me, grabbed my Olympus PEN E-PL3 with a level of snatch-and-grab skill that would put Winona Ryder to shame, and was off with a gleeful squeal.

    Balinese monkeys know a quality camera when they see one.

    My Nikon D90 died on me while I was rock climbing Flake Crack at Mt Piddington (Mt Victoria). This was an awesome climb, a huge burly flake ending with an overhang. As I was doing the last big move, my camera swung around my body and smashed onto the rock, breaking the lens mount. The Olympus TG-1 sounds like a much more appropriate better climbing buddy.

    There once was a Canberra dude,
    A boating holiday ensued.
    Snapping away starboard side,
    Right on high-tide,
    His camera soon became fish-food....

    My last camera got completely buried under a pile of day I was decluttering and threw everything out by scooping stuff into a bag, then remembered later my camera had gone with it. Needless to say I am much more organised these days...learnt my lesson the hard way.

    Is this camera hubby proof? My last 2 cameras died after hubby used them. My last camera had all our Gold Coast holiday snaps on it when hubby attempted to take a photo of our son with the dolphins at Sea World. Never got it to work, hasn't worked since and lost all of the great shots I'd taken over the 2 weeks holiday.

    My brother and I went on a Holiday with some friends. One night we went for a walk down the beach for dinner, I took my camera. I needed to go to the bathroom so my brother got to use my
    Canon PowerShot S110 for for the first time. When I got back we finished eating and went for a walk along the beach. There was something called a slingshot... and as you might have guessed I forgot my brother had the camera on him when I said 'Lets go'. He didn't empty one pocket, the one with my camera. As we took off from the ground I see something float past my head and vanish in the dark as we fell back to the ground. We found my camera about 10 meters away on the road, in about 3 large pieces.
    The camera didn't make it,.. thankfully the SD card did.
    Never has there been a camera that is brother proof.

    My last camera hasn't died, I just die every time I try to use it to take a picture. 12MP of blurry crappiness.

    smashed it while playing cricket at the park with the family. good bye my old friend...

    Mine died from too much use a few weeks ago and I am lost without it I would take photos of everything as I love taking photos.

    My last camera died (well I assume so), after going missing after getting absolutely trashed by a monster wave while surfing... Granted it was a GoPro and was stuck to the board with a make-shift sticky-tape like substance..

    Still recording it may turn up on a beach some day with all the footage... One can hope anyway.

    My husband had his head up his ass and left it on the roof of our car. He reversed then slammed on the brakes because our stupid cat ran behind him. He then proceeded to run over it as he continued reversing. You'd think he would have seen it in the reversing camera wouldn't you? He saw the ruddy cat but not the camera!

    My camera was brutally abandoned when I fell in love with another- I passed it callously on to my brother.

    My camera was brutally abandoned when I fell in love with another- I callously passed it on to my brother.

    Miss 2 thought it looked dirty and washed it up with the dishes for me :(

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