Whoa, Is This Polaroid Mirrorless Camera Real?

The internet is awash today with rumours of a possible Polaroid mirrorless camera. All looks good at first glance, but some weirdness makes us question whether it's all a ruse.

Images were originally leaked via Russian social network VK and later published by Photorumors.com. The supposed camera looks remarkably similar to the Nikon 1 J2 (although it is a pretty generic design). Even more shady is a "press-release" also published by Photorumors. It would sport an 18MP sensor (no clues as to the size of the sensor), 3.5-inch touch-screen and run Android 4.0.

If the camera is in fact real, it would mean that Polaroid is perhaps trying to court enthusiasts as a way to somehow gain relevance after failing thus far to produce digital devices that anyone actually buys. The question is, what could they possibly offer in the crowded room of mirrorless cameras, competing with the likes of Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji? Maybe we will have some answers at CES. [Photorumors via PetaPixel]


    Great; another way for the new owners of the brand name to dilute what was once a great company's legacy with me-too knock-offs...

      Calm down grandpa, no one is messing with your memories — you can still remember Polaroid in any way you like.

        Ha; it just drives me nuts the way they go about it- TVs, crappy cameras, pseudo-high end gear, keychains...

        They had (the remains of) a good brand, but seem intent on destroying any value it has left.

    this isnt the real polaroid but a company with a license to use the name for photographic equipment. i probably wouldnt buy this anymore than i would the samsung galaxy cam, unless this is for some reason, really good

    Whats the deal with mirrorless cameras vrs DSLR's?

      Mirrors guy, mirrors.

        I know SLR's have mirrors and these don't but what is the big deal with having a mirror or not? you still see the same thing right?

    In an SLR you see the actual image reflected off a mirror. In a mirrorless camera like this, you view an electronic viewfinder instead. So you see the same thing, except one is a real-world image, the other is an electronic image.

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