What’s The Wii U Like To Play?

What’s The Wii U Like To Play?

The Nintendo Wii was the must-have item of 2006. I don’t remember seeing a shopping trolley go by without one in it whenever I visited my local shopping precinct. Following up on the Wii was always going to be tough, but Nintendo is giving it a crack with the Wii U. So, what’s it like to play?

An early dev unit came into the office for Mark at Kotaku last week, and I approached it like with thinly veiled skepticism. Why should I care about just another console cash-grab? As it turns out, the Wii U is something I really should be caring about.

Nintendo are great at making a party console. The Wii was fantastic at entertaining a group of your friends you had around for a weekend barbecue. The Wii U is just as good.

We played a bit of Luigi’s Mansion in the making of this video, and hands-down, that’s some of the most fun I have had with a video game in the last 12 months.

Watch the video to see the Wii U in action. [Kotaku Australia]