What It Means When DSLR Cameras Say They’re ‘Freeze-Proof’

What It Means When DSLR Cameras Say They’re ‘Freeze-Proof’

High-end cameras are often sold with the proud claim, amongst many others, that they are “freeze-proof”. But is it really that impressive?

Unsurprisingly, freeze-proofing is supposed to guarantee that cameras still work well in temperatures below zero — which is just as well for Swiss photographer Alessandro Della Bella when he was photographing the Swiss mountains Piz Corvatsch and Piz Nair. Outside for two long, cold nights, temperatures dropped to -25C, which really put the cameras through their paces.

These pictures show what that kind of abuse does to the outside of a camera. Chilly, huh? But despite looking bad, Alessandro reports that the DSLRs he used on the trip worked perfectly fine. The only problems he had were with lenses and batteries: lenses froze up and had to be thawed out next to an oven in a nearby building, while batteries discharged within just an hour because of the extreme cold temperatures.

If you were wondering what the result of shoot was, check out the timelapse below. Braving the cold was clearly worth it.

[Alessandro Della Bella by Peta Pixel]

Pictures/video: Alessandro Della Bella