What Gadgets Are You Buying Your Parents For Christmas?

Confession: I have no idea what to get my parents for Christmas. Last year we got my ol' dad a Kindle, and it was a big hit. I'm not sure how to top it.

There are only two weeks left to make this decision and it's getting down to the wire. So what are you guys buying your parents for Christmas?

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    Bought my parents a Nexus 7 to share! :D

      read: I'm to cheap to buy them two Nexus 7's, I bought them one to share.

      Who the fuck shares a phone anyway?

        I'm 18, I can hardly afford to buy them one each, my sister and I shared the cost, what the hell is wrong with you?

          Maybe you'd have been better off getting them both each a Nokia 1110 then?

            You're a complete fool

    Nexus 10 to replace an Acer Iconia a500.

    Ma got an iPad 3 for her birthday (in two days). As for Christmas, Pa got a remote control helicopter (older gents seem to just love this stuff). And Ma will undoubtedly get her iPad filled with whatever crap she wants.

      Wish I had a remote control helicopter! A mini one, it broke years ago.

        Things are cheap now. You can get a funky indoors one for 20 - 40. They are fun as hell if you have a big lounge.

        The big heli I bought Pa was about 80 - 90 from Leading Edge Electronics.

    I already gave Mum a Kindle last month for her birthday - she thinks it's great.

    I'm getting my parents out of the nursing home for christmas and sending them to a stud farm.

    I bought my mother a nexus 7 which I gave to her early so she could acquaint herself with it
    progress is...slow

    Was thinking a card... Or nothing... Simply turning up for dinner should be enough, yeah?

    If your parents are elderly or nursing home bound, the best thing you can give them is your time. Visit them, talk with them, gift them some time you would normally spend entertaining yourself. Take them for a trip in your car if you can to see old sites. This is far more valuable than any gift you could ever give.

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