Watching This Guy Make Cotton Candy Art Is Incredibly Tasty

Have you ever tried to make cotton candy? Whenever I start twirling that stick in that intimidating centrifugal force of a cotton candy machine, my cotton candy turns out lumpy, tumorous and never looks appetizing. I mean it's still delicious — like any sugary cloud would be — but it looks disgusting. This guy though, makes art with cotton candy. Imagine an edible balloon animal. That's what this guy makes. God's work. [YouTube via Neatorama]


    Too good to eat.

    P.S. It's fairy floss.

      It's just another article copied and pasted from the American Gizmodo site. I think most of the articles here are like that.

        ...not copied and pasted but fed. The AU editors do a pretty good job of Aussifying the articles but I'm pretty sure most Aussies can figure out what cotton candy is ;)

    That's awesome. And delicious!!!

    That is some sweet sugar work

    All of that time and effort for just 5 yuan ($0.76 here in Aus). Makes the mind boggle!

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