Watching People Give Compliments To Each Other Will Make Your Heart Melt

It's probably the soundtrack this video has going on in the background but this phonebooth/giant headphone setup where people give compliments to one another is so "aww"-inducingly sweet that you won't be able to not be happy. And you have a lot to be happy for! People are great! Well, some of them, at least.

The cynical point of view: THEY'RE ALL SLEEPING WITH EACH OTHER. OK, that's horrible. Downright awful. Just enjoy the video by SoulPancake and give someone a compliment today. I hope someone was able to take home those giant headphones though. Those are sweet. [YouTube via BuzzFeed]


    My response was not the one predicted. Rather, it was further bafflement at Americans. In fact, it gave me an idea for a film script: Zombie USA.

    After a pademic, much of the American population becomes lurching zombies, inexorably hunting down normals to eat their brains. Until our plucky hero has an idea: he leaves a trap consisting of a microphone, a camera, and a sign saying "tell people your inane opinions". Zombies converge from all across America, fighting for access to the mike. The worst is over and humanity can begin to build for the the future. We see a final scene of the hero and heroine walking off toward a brave future while in the background a zombie screams "gimme the mike! I'm feeling some feelings".

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