Watch How Every Zombie Is Killed In Season 3 Of The Walking Dead

Despite losing its way with a slow-paced, middling second season, The Walking Dead has come back strong with its most recent batch of episodes that, with nary a pulled punch, reminds characters and audience alike that yes, we are indeed trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. This fact is portrayed quite clearly in the video above, which, along with the rest of this post, contains various minor spoilers. Consider yourselves warned!

Not only do we get to see the deaths of — apparently — every zombie killed so far, but a running tally on the left-hand side keeps us informed of the weapons used. All up, 158 walkers met their second end in S3, with guns, followed by crowbars, coming out as the weapons of choice.

Season three has definitely featured more zombie-slaying and character deaths than previous instalments... and we're not even finished with it yet. As someone who hasn't read Robert Kirkman's comic series, upon which the show is based, I'm not sure who could go next, though you can possibly rule out everyone's favourite sheriff, Rick Grimes.


Image: AMC

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