Wait, It's Too Late To Ask For This Awesome Butcher Block?

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks are custom pieces for your kitchen that are absolutely gorgeous. This walnut model is no exception. I want to possess it utterly.

The best cutting boards are made out of thick wood, because they're better for your knives. And cutting on something that solid is more stable and just feels better. This one is 12 by 18 by 2 inches, costs $US175, and is inspired by the beautiful brownstones of Brooklyn. I'm greedy and would be glad to have this in my kitchen. [Brooklyn Butcher Blocks]


    Really? This cutting block is worthy of an article? It's made of wood, measured in inches and worth US dollars too. Awesome!

    Chopping blocks are awesome. You can like, chop stuff on them.

    That's a beautiful board, made from very lovely wood.

    But it has no electronics in it. Please move this to LifeHacker instead.. much more suited there.

    Has anyone ever tried chopping blocks on a chopping block? Inception

    Unfortunately this break I've seen quite a few articles on Giz that had nothing to do with Tech. However depending on who's reading at any given time you get different reactions. A week ago there was a post about an American driveway losing it's paving, but when asked what it had to do with a Tech site and particularly an Australian Tech site, a lot of the readers defended it as quirky or some silly nonsense.
    If it's not Tech related, it doesn't belong on a tech site... Sorry that's just my opinion!

    Last edited 28/12/12 8:41 am

    Albeit rudimentary I guess a chopping block is a type of technology.

    This article deserves the chopping block.

    Wait, is it too late for you to go start working at a kitchenware blog?

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