Vote On Facebook's New Policy Changes, Or You'll Never Get Another Chance

In response to users' feedback, Facebook is proposing a set of clarified governance and privacy policy changes, and they want you, the Facebook enthusiast, to vote on them once again!

But this is still a Zuckocracy. In the very likely case that less than 30 per cent of the site's 1 billion users don't vote and a majority don't reject the proposal, Facebook will revoke users' voting rights on any future policy or administrative changes. If over 30 per cent vote, the verdict will be binding.

In addition to deciding the fate of the Facebook suffrage movement, users will be voting on whether Facebook can share data between its affiliates (Instagram being the major one). Also on the chopping block is the site's ability to decide who's able to send you private messages and prevent users from using personal profiles for "commercial gain," which will be strictly relegated to a Facebook fan page.

The virtual voting polls opened today and will close at 7am AEDT on December 11, giving users a full seven days to vote for or against the changes. For anyone with lingering concerns, Facebook will hold a live webcast tomorrow at 9.30am PST (4.30am AEDT) to respond to user-submitted questions. [Facebook via TechCrunch]



    Hardly anyone is going to vote, because people cry and whinge about privacy issues and policies but cant be bothered when asked to vote on privacy policies. Whether a vote is passed or no one votes, still going to cry and whinge about the privacy policies.

    I know it's good to know what's happening but can they not just tell us in plain bloody English what's changing and let us decide if that's OK or not ?

    we currently don't know your mums bra size
    but if you allow us we can ask you and use that info for advertising

    or something like that grrrr

      the proposed SRR (Statement of Rights and Responsibilities) is fairly straight forward. I'm a bit more alarmed at how many people are reading it wrong and/or can't figure out how or where to vote.

    Considering the only reason I even know about the voting process is this Gizmodo post, I highly doubt 300 million Facebook users would know about it, let alone feel obliged to vote, let alone actually remember to vote, let alone vote against it in the majority.

    at the very least it SHOULD stop the bogus pages etc that pop up... man im sick of peoples stupidity...

    " In the very likely case that less than 30 per cent of the site’s 1 billion users don’t vote and a majority don’t reject the proposal, Facebook will revoke users’ voting rights on any future policy or administrative changes. If over 30 per cent vote, the verdict will be binding."
    So which is it?

    Seriously, do ANY of you guys read what you've written before posting?

    Nope. The only way you can make a difference is by copying and pasting that privacy message Giz spoke of the other day. It works! Trust me! ... but only if you copy & paste it onto 10 walls in 10 minutes.

    a pros and cons list for each outcome would be handy giz

    The SRR is fairly straightforward while the DUP is info overload.
    I'm concerned by the amount of meatsacks that can't figure out how to vote and the ones that just comment with "No".

    Ok, I'm also guilty of skimming (if not ignoring) the T&C's whenever I install or signup to something, but intentionally going to a page to read/discuss these documents, not reading the actual stuff and then posting inane babble? I don't get that.

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