Trojan Is Handing Out Free Vibrators To All The Nerds At CES

Maybe you heard Trojan was handing out free vibrators in the US. It was a really popular giveaway. The next step, it seems is giving tech nerds some tools for love.

Trojan Vibrations tells us it is giving away "thousands" of Pulse ($30) and Tri-Phoria ($40) vibrators at CES. The giveaway is happening on January 8th and 9th at CES, at Trojan's booth (South Hall 2 — Booth 26437). Just be advised there will probably be a line, and it will probably look a lot like the rest of CES.

Trojan is almost a regular at CES at this point, and condoms can actually be really techy. And hey, it'll definitely be more fun than some of the other pitstops at CES. [Trojan Vibrations]

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