This Record-Breaking Jump Is Crazier Than Felix Baumgartner’s Space Fall

Yes, Felix Baumgartner's stratospheric jump was crazy. Like, really crazy and awesome and crazy. And he broke a few records. But this new Red Bull jump by Spanish paraglider Horacio Llorens seems crazier than Felix's to me. Watch the video.

Llorens — four-time winner of the Paragliding World Cup — broke the infinity tumbling world record achieving an incredible 568 loops after jumping from an altitude of 19,685 feet (6000 metres). He opened his paraglider shortly after jumping, at 5900 metres:

For each loop I descended about 32 feet (10 metres). I looped for 15 minutes until I felt that I was near the ground and I stopped at 500 metres for safety. I could have done it a little bit more, but my head was aching and I couldn't really see the distance [from the ground].

I would have passed out by the second loop and then spend the whole descent vomiting.

[Red Bull]


    Horacio: Yeah so i'm going to do 568 loops from an altitude of 19,685 feet which will be mindblowing for people.
    Felix: That's nice, i jumped from the edge of space.

    Before the video, with anticipation, I was like :J

    Then from 0:05-0:26 I was like :I

    Then after: :<0

    And: i'O

    And then I was like: 0 n
    0I u

    Yep. I made those faces.

    Even after I was like O n
    I U


    This makes me think Red Bull is served in a wee little stayfresh cardboard box

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