This Beautiful House Folds And Rotates To Match The Weather

Access to natural light is a big selling point when looking for a new place to live. But what if all you had to worry about was the location, because your house could change its form and rotation to make the most of the weather? A pair of UK designers have put together a concept for a building that does just this.

The creators, David Ben Grünberg and Daniel Woolfson, have started a business, called "The D*Haus Company" to promote the concept, called -- unsurprisingly -- "The D*Haus". Grünberg first conceived of the design to deal with the "extreme temperatures" of Lapland in Finland, where the mercury bounces between 20°C to -20°C, depending on the season.

Of course, that temperature range covers a lot of places, so the design could be used anywhere, so long as the neighbours don't mind living next door to the most boring Transformer ever.

Sadly, the video above is constructed from real footage and CG, so no, this miracle building doesn't really exist in a verdant forest wonderland on the edge of a river. In an article on Dezeen Screen, Woolfson mentions that they're still trying to figure out exactly how the building would "work in reality", a somewhat significant stepping stone to a liveable prototype.

If you're not too worried about getting enough light, then a cheaper, more immediate option might be an air conditioner, a desk fan, or Optimus Prime.

[The D*Haus Company, via Dezeen Screen]


    looks incredibly stupid, with this setup almost all the rooms will have windows on all sides so when the house is folded there wont be any privacy, the sections themselves are oddly shaped as well so good luck getting most of your furniture to fit well and function with your way of life.
    These people should be putting their time into more worthwhile productions like a similar design but raises your house in flood effected areas in addition to stabilization during earthquakes.

      Privacy isn't an issue with the wonderful invention known as curtains or tinted windows.

      The problem with such a house is all the moving parts. How much of a pain would it be to maintain all of that and how much of a pain would it be to find someone who knows how to repair it when something does inevitably go wrong. Did you see all the leaves on the tracks? That's going to get worse in autumn.

    How about designing a house made out of modified shipping containers that can be built in 2 days and only costs $50,000 ?

    Because I have designed one.

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