This Beautiful Poker Table Is For Winners Only

Forget folding card tables wedged in the corner of some cold, dank shed, this beautiful poker table is card shark's dream. It was carefully crafted by Axel Yberg of Akke Functional Art, and all you need to get it is to be really good at poker.

Named "All In," this table took more than 600 man-hours to build and uses 15 different kinds of wood, prominently featuring Madagascar Ebony, Rosewood, Black Walnut and Cherry to play up a "black and red" motif. Underneath that beautiful surface is a base made of gold-painted pipes to remind you of Vegas bling, and five lightbulbs that shine through diamond cutouts on the playing field.

Unlike the similarly awesome Akke ping pong table which was for sale for $US56,000, the one-of-a-kind "All In" is reserved for the winner of the World Poker Tour's player of the year and no one else. As if being that good at winning money wasn't its own reward.

Images: Robert Lowell Photography

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