These Astounding Satellite Images Are The Best Bird's-Eye-Views Of 2012

Our daily does of satellite imagery through services like Google Maps have made looking down at Earth seem rather hum-drum at times. But there are still magical and majestic sites to be hold, as seen in this selection from 2012.

DigitalGlobe recently announced their Best of 2012 picks out of their vast archive of images. Phenomena both natural and man-made make appearances, and are equally striking. We happen to love the one of Mt. Fuji gushing steam.

Volcanic Chain - Andes Mountains, Chile

Mt. Fuji, Japan

Mine Sculpture in North England

Space Shuttle Endeavour atop a 747 - New Mexico, USA

Burning Man Festival in Nevada

A winner must be chosen, and if you venture over to DigitalGlobe's Facebook page, you can vote on your favourite with a Like! [DigitalGlobe via TwistedSifter]

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