Australian Government Employees Are Pirating Movies And Porn Via BitTorrent

Stealing office supplies is one thing, but using the office internet connection to download pirated movies, music and porn is something entirely different, especially if you're a member of the Australian Public Service. Here are just a few people we caught downloading copyrighted material using State and Federal government connections. There's everything from movies to porn on this list.

Before we start the laughs, here's how we figured it out.

TorrentFreak recently used a service called Scan Eye to analyse which IP addresses were downloading various torrents, before matching various IP addresses to prominent government departments. TorrentFreak found that staffers in the US Department of Justice and several other government departments were downloading copyrighted material illegally.

We've just jumped onto Scan Eye's free version, but already there are some interesting results coming out of both Federal and State government departments. Scan Eye redacts search results if you're not a paying customer, but you can guess who's at work here.

Here are a few of our favourites:

She's Out of My League (2010) [1080p] -- Axxxxxxxxx Department of Dxxxxxx (203.6.XXX.XXX): Someone at the Defence Department loves them some Hayden Panettiere.The Expendables 2 [2012]-TS-HQ-XViD-FXM -- Axxxxxxxxx Department of Dxxxxxx (203.6.XXX.XXX): That's a sound base for any defence policy.The.Walking.Dead.S03E01.Seed.HDTV.x264-LOL[ettv] -- Department of Pxxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx (164.75.XXX.XXX): When the zombies come, I'm shacking up with the Department of Parliamentary Services…RealBlackAnal - Marie Luv Axxxxxxxxx Department of Dxxxxxx (203.6.XXX.XXX): Once you go black...Home.and.Away.S25E18.Episode.5620.HDTV.XviD-FQM Nxxxxxxx Txxxxxxxx Government (150.191.XXX.XXX): That's just sad, Northern Territory goverment…90210.S05E07.99.Problems.HDTV.XviD-LOL[ettv] -- Dxxxxxxxxx ox Immigration axx Cxxxxxxxxxx (164.97.XXX.XXX): 99 problems and a torrent is one, DIAC…

For what it's worth, we couldn't find any records matching the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft, any of the Consulates, Centrelink, the office of the Attorney General or ASIO.

Either way, the offenders need a bit of a refresher. You wouldn't download a car after all.

...or even...

Give Scan Eye a go for yourself if you're interested, and read the full report from TorrentFreak about who else is behaving badly online. [<a href=""TorrentFreak]

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    Pretty sure this could only be someone in the IT department/s.

      You'd be surprised at how many non-IT people know how to download using bittorrent. If you think about it, it really is quite easy.

        Perhaps, but don't you think they'd be monitoring their networks for traffic like this? Because they do.

        Yeah I think he meant others wouldnt be able to on their PCs, pretty sure millions of non-IT workers download torrents.

      The IT departments at DOD know full well how much they monitor and what they can and cant one in any of them would be dumb enough to pull this manouever

    • She’s Out of My League (2010) [1080p] — Axxxxxxxxx Department of Dxxxxxx (203.6.XXX.XXX): Someone at the Defence Department loves them some Hayden Panettiere.

    You probably mean Alice Eve.

      You probably mean Jay Baruchel.

    Not really a fair finger point analysis in regards to the department of defense..... Many users are military personnel who reside on bases that supply bulk inter web much like an American college.... This and any resulting articles will raise the ire of the public resulting in sweeping firewall and filter policies against our troops only means of internet access.... How annoying

      If someone is risking their life for Australia, I say let them torrent the most big-dickingest, ball-slappiest, girl-on-girl-on-guy interracial fetish orgy porn they can find. And I'll pat them on the back and say "Good on you, mate!". (I wouldn't shake their hand though, because... sticky.)

      Last edited 27/12/12 11:53 pm

        risking their life for australia?
        hmm, not sure which recent US-led war of mis-adventure that could apply to ...
        but yeah, I agree with simon, it's vital that defense personnel have access to uncensored information sources: it would be terrible if this was used as an excuse to censor access.

    It's not the Government's responsibility to manage or monitor the claimed copyright of private corporations.

      You are not serious.

    I may or may not have a relative who works for the Federal Gov. who taught me how to pirate so as to reduce the chances of being caught (by his own department and friends, no less). He doesn't pirate but he certainly taught me a lot when I was a youngster.

    damn it if i could download a car i freaking well would!!! dunno about printing one!!

      damn it if i could download a car...
      Hell, man, why not just download the whole orgy?

    If you search for Council in Australia, Brisbane City seems to be having some fun.

    That pic makes me think they guy is playing <> not downloading stuff lol.

      The other day i was at work sitting at my desk and noticed while using the computer my left hand naturally fell to WSAD try it. FPS (First Person Spreadsheet)

    Thing with piracy. Not all downloaded movies you can attribute to lost revenues. I purchased Avatar on 3D bluray and alot of other films I had previously downloaded. I have no guilt about it. The movie industry gets my money. I don't see how me downloading a film that Im going to buy when it gets released is depriving money from artists and the studios. They studios really need to get this into their heads. While I'm on the subject. The 3D avengers bluray is still $50 bucks... really?

      watch the TED talk on the entertainment industry and piracy

      their annual revenue has increased year on year despite the claims of piracy

    Just googled RealBlackAnal – Marie Luv, there are so many better porns of that genre out there.

    There are 2 main reasons why people pirate.

    1: it's FREE

    2: People want to watch their movies without having to use a DVD. Streaming sites such as Netflix simply do not carry the catalog necessary to satisfy consumers. This is why Torrenting has become so popular, everything you could ever imagine is there. Businesses will bleed out over the next few years if they don't change with the wave of technology that's unfolding. Until they figure it out I encourage people to pirate..... I mean share.

    They've realised that copying files isn't the same as stealing a car.

    So I work for Sensis and reported a member of staff that has been downloading pirated music, movies, software etc on his work computer over a period of 6 to 8 months... All he does it watch pirated movies and TV all day so i thought that if he was unable to download the stuff then he might actually do some work for a change... The IT department wanted to take him down but his manager just covered it up and told him to delete the material... Basically caught red handed pirating with work resources and.... nothing.

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