The Apps You Should Download For Your New iPhone Or iPad

Santa brought you a new iPad. You screamed, you cried, you hugged your mother, you thanked the heavens. Now that the shock has subsided, here are the apps you should download to your new iOS device.

Flipboard: This is a personalised news reader app that ensures you'll never miss an important story or a funny video. Topics are beautifully displayed in tiles that update constantly. Free

Spotify: $12/month for all the streaming music you want? We can't argue with that. I use Spotify so much that I hardly even use iTunes on my iPhone.

Chrome: There's a chance you won't be totally satisfied with Safari. In that case, Chrome is a good alternative. It has most of the features you know and love from the desktop, which it syncs with. Free

Kindle: iBooks has a more limited selection. And although you're mostly going to get the same prices from Amazon reader app, you can sync with the Kindle across every single device you're using it on. Free

Youtube Capture: It's Christmas, so you're probably shooting some video. This app will let you upload it to YouTube instantaneously, and it won't start recording until you've turned your phone horizontally, so no annoying iPhone affect in the clip. Free

Shazam: Name that tune. Wait, you can't? Fire up Shazam, which will detect the title and artist of the track you can't seem to place. Free

Letterpress: This is my new favourite game. Make words out of tiles and try to steal letters from your opponent. Addicting. Free

Yelp: You can use Yelp for everything from finding a good dry cleaner to scoping out a great antique shop. In fact, you probably already use it on your desktop. Free

Google Maps: Stay away from Apple Maps. Far far away. It sucks, and it goes without saying that Google Maps is infinitely better at getting you where you need to go without getting you lost. There's no iPad support just yet, but running a blown-up app is better than Apple Maps, right? Free

Runkeeper: Believe it or not, Runkeeper actually made me enjoy running. It has GPS tracking and voice coaching and it will track your pace. And you know you're going to need to get off your arse after the holidays are over. Free

Facebook: This is a no brainer -- you're on Facebook constantly as it is. Free

Twitter: Keep up with news, memes, trends, weird jokes and send out your own 140-character messages. Free



    A little presumptious here. Kindle is the only app listed I would have any interest in. If Bing didn't do a better job than Shazam I might it need it, but Bing does so I don't. I'd need to spend an extra $10 or $20 a month on more data to accommodate Spotify, which would make it as expensive as buying music outright. The artists would see far less of it and I'd never own any of it. Yelp might be handy when you are travelling but I can't see much use for it at home.

    Last edited 27/12/12 9:27 am

      Because the world revolves around you and what you think is useful. That must be why you have a job writing for Gizmodo. Oh wait...

        Clearly, just ignore MMouth, he is paid MS mouth piece, and a little useless one at that.. most regular readers just ignore him/her/it now..

      This list obviously isnt for everyone. It is for new IOS users. All these apps are a great start in exploring the 'App World'. Spotify is an incredible app for any music lover. Even if you had to pay $20 more for data, that would make your music expenditure at about $31/month. If you are spending less than that on music per month you probably arent buying more than two albums. Comparing Bing and Spotify can go on forever, it is really down to preference. Try some of these apps out and make your own list.

      You do realise you can download any music you want to listen to on spotify and sync offline.. ie use your home wifi to download the music and only stream any new songs you havent already synced.

    I'd add an offline reader to this list, such as Readability, Pocket or Instapaper.

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