The Apps You Should Download For Your New Android Hotness

Santa brought you an Android phone or tablet. Congratulations and Merry Christmas you filthy animal. Now you need some apps. Here's what you need to cop from the Google Play Store.

Facebook: Believe me, getting a new phone is not going to help you break your Facebook addiction. If anything, it'll just make it worse. In any case, you have to have the Facebook app. Free

Twitter: Send out your 140-character messages for all to read. Or really for your 22 followers and 38 spam bot followers to see. Free

Spotify: All the streaming goodness you get on your desktop for your phone or tablet. $12/month gets you unlimited music.

Flipboard: A news reader app you have to have — see the topics you care about organised in well-designed tiles, so you never miss something important. Free

Endomondo: Face it, you gained a few pounds this Christmas. This will help you shed them with GPS fitness tracking, as well as work outs you can choose from. Free

Temple Run: This is one of my favourite games. Lead Guy Dangerous through the jungle ruins as he hops over tree roots, evades fire, collects coins, and tries to evade the evil pack of flying monkeys. Free

SwiftKey: Android predictive text is kind of annoying. SwiftKey is a nearly psychic keyboard replacement that's far superior. If you plan on texting ever, you want this. And it learns how you type the more you use it. $2

Yelp: Where do I go for Italian food in Austin? Yelp always has the answer. Find user-generated reviews here, but you already know that because you probably use Yelp on your computer. Free

Instagram: It took Instagram forever to launch on Android, but now that it's here, you might as well join the bandwagon. Share all the photos you want, filtered or not. Free

Google Field Trip: There is probably a great deal of history in your own city that you have no knowledge of. Google Field Trip will identify cool places using your device's GPS and tell you their background. Free

Kindle: If you like to read, you'll want the Kindle app. Access Amazon's deep library and sync with Kindle where ever else you're using it. Free

Evernote: If you don't keep notes, your head won't stay on straight. Store them in Evernote to make yourself more organised and productive. Free

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