Tenba Roadie II HDSLR Backpack Review: Unusual, Useful Video Gear Bag

Tenba Roadie II HDSLR Backpack Review: Unusual, Useful Video Gear Bag

Camera backpacks are rarely made with the lowly videographer in mind. But we have needs too! Tenba decided to warm the hearts of film and video nerds with the Roadie II. What can it offer that other bags lack?

What Is It?

A big, robust backpack designed with filmmakers in mind.

Who’s It For?

Wielders of DSLR, Canon C300 or even RED Epic kits.


It has a decent all around shape, despite being a bit bubbly due to the ballistic nylon exterior. It’s black as night with black trim and subtle hints of black.

Using It

You access the main compartment from the back of the bag, which means you have to bushwhack your way past shoulder straps AND giant waist straps to unzip your gear. It’s worth it — maybe — as it is comfortable on your back and those waist straps really help to take the load off your shoulders.

The Best Part

A long shotgun mic (or monopod) fits easily in the Roadie II — and it’s always a giant pain in the arse in most other bags. It slips right in a very clever, very useful exterior pouch that runs the entire length of the bag.

Tragic Flaw

Straps flying every which way when you open it up. It’s like a big nylon spanking-machine.

This Is Weird…

The zipper pulls are these twisted cords. They look cool at first, but they inevitably become un-twisted, and then look like a tangled mess.

Test Notes

  • The Roadie II comes with a full rain cover and a little nylon carrying pouch for memory cards.
  • There is no dedicated tripod storage on the exterior.
  • It takes some fiddling to arrive at an interior configuration that suits you. Since HDSLR is in the name of the bag, it would have been nice if the configuration out of the box fit an HDSLR a bit better.

Should You Buy It?

All-in-all, this is a solid backpack for a travelling pro or enthusiast. If you walk with your gear a lot, those waist straps are priceless. Give the rear-access storage a chance, and you might fall for it. It’s designed for a videographer or filmmaker, but it could work for anyone with a full camera setup. Like every bag, the Roadie II has its quirks — but overall you won’t be disappointed.

Tenba Roadie II HDSLR Video Backpack
• Weight: 2.5kg
• Exterior Dimensions: 33-36cm X 51cm X 23cm
• Interior Dimensions: 28cm x 33-38cm x 18cm
• Materials: ballistic nylon
• Price: $US299