Sonos Sound Bar Hits The FCC And May Land In Your Living Room Soon

Sonos wireless sound systems might not be cheap, but their easily switchable, multi-zone design makes having wireless music throughout your house simple. In 2012, the company added a burly sub to its lineup of products, and from the looks of this FCC filing in the US, a sound bar, called the Playbar, might drop soon.

Now, as with many FCC filings, this filing which was just made available today, doesn't tell us a whole lot about the potentially forthcoming product. We know that as with other Sonos systems, that it will use Wi-Fi, and we can see from the label placement document that it'll be a rectangular box of some sort. You know, kind of like a sound bar.

Given that the Sonos sub already exists, adding a sound bar to the mix makes a lot of sense. That makes us wonder if we'll see a more full-featured home entertainment focused Sonos down the line. [FCC via Wireless Goodness via Ubergizmo

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