See Out 2012 With This Gorgeous Compilation Of Earth Timelapses

It's hard not to envy the astronauts on the International Space Station who spend their days staring down at us from 350km up. They have a view of Earth few humans get to enjoy. Fortunately, they had the foresight to take a few cameras up with them, for science and the like, so that enterprising film makers can put the results together in incredible videos, like this effort from Giacomo Sardelli.

Sardelli doesn't mention how long it took to complete the 2:23-minute video, but he does say it was a "time consuming" though "satisfying" process. Each frame was treated individually in Photoshop CS6 to improve the quality, usually by tweaking the colours and contrast and reducing noise via Denoise 5. The images themselves were sourced from NASA's Image Science & Analysis Laboratory.

The video is available on Vimeo at 1280 x 720, though a 2K version can be downloaded from Sardelli's blog.

[Vimeo, via Petapixel]

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