Samsung's Curvy Projector Is More Pocketable Than The Galaxy S III

Designed to complement Samsung's Galaxy line of tablets and smartphones, the company's new EAD-R10 Mobile Beam Projector is curved like a handset, instead of the standard projector brick, so it more easily slips into your pocket. It's just too bad its specs harken back to pocket projectors from a few years ago.

With just 20 lumens of brightness and a resolution of 640x360 it's far from being on the bleeding edge of pico projector technology. But by using slightly older components the Beam ends up with a smaller form factor than the Galaxy S III and a price tag of just $US221. At launch the EAD-R10 appears to be a South Korean exclusive, but since it appears to be a nice alternative to a hefty projector-imbued phone, here's to hoping Samsung releases it elsewhere soon after.

[SAMMobile via SammyHub]


    "Is More Pocketable Than The Galaxy S III"

    That wouldn't be hard. Phones these days are just stupidly large.

      I dont' have any problems finding room in my pockets for mine.

      I guess my pockets are just deeper then yours ...

        you must have a very baggy pants... DEM TEENS with DEM PANTS LOL

    20 lumens is alright for a small screen, or a dark room, but 640×360 is crappy...
    the more important questions are:
    What's the battery life?
    does it use All Share Cast or a cable?

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