'Qube' Looks To Be The Name Of ASUS' Google TV Product, Here's Its Guts

An FCC filing has revealed that ASUS is working on its own product for Google TV, called the "Qube". So far the only images available are some internal photos from the FCC, but it's enough to throw around speculation on its capabilities.

It's described in filing as "Qube with Google TV", though the only hardware shown is a circuit board for a dongle. The filing includes some photos of a "test" set up, though the images don't reveal anything special, other than the fact that the device is indeed a dongle (duh), designed to communicate with some other gizmo.

As The Verge notes, the dongle does not feature a processor, so it's not capable of working by itself. What is does have is RF and Wi-Fi connectivity, which The Verge speculates would be used to communicate with the parent device and with a peripherals, such as a wireless keyboard.

Google TV hasn't exactly excited us in Australia, due to a lack of the actual "TV" to watch on it, but it's not surprising ASUS, responsible for the Nexus tablets, would come up with a Google TV offering.

[FCC, via The Verge]

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