Point And Laugh With LG’s Magic Remote

Point And Laugh With LG’s Magic Remote

This isn’t Christmas 2012′s hottest sex toy. It’s LG’s revised Magic Remote, the new way to turn the act of changing channels into a never-ending loop of frustration.

The reworked, smaller and slimmer Magic Remote will arrive inside the packaging of LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV range, offering voice, motion, point and wheel controls to help make escaping from programmes in a hurry a little bit more… cumbersome.

LG’s most proud of its Natural Language Recognition software, which offers a Google/Siri method of activating apps and searching for features, with LG suggesting the phrase “Show me Gang-nam Style video” will instantly take you to the relevant app and clip.

But for all its posh features, we’d still expect the volume up/down toggle to be the only features to show any signs of use and wear five years from now. [LG]


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