Meet Gizmodo's CES 2013 Guest Blogger!

After countless video submissions, hours of audition tape screenings and hundreds of votes from readers, we can finally reveal the winner of Gizmodo and Seagate's big prize: a trip to the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. So who won?

Congratulations to...

Adam Hallett

Adam sent us an amazing entry video back in November where he reviewed the GoPro HD Hero 2 action camera. Adam's review was sharp, informative, to the point and very pleasant to watch what with the chroma-keyed titles, beautiful music and good prop work. Adam also impressed us with a sweet multi-camera review and a few friends to hand him cards. To cap it all off, Adam ended his video with an amazing orgy of gadgets which spelled out the Gizmodo Australia logo. Well played, Mr Hallett.

Not only does Adam win an amazing trip to Las Vegas in January to cover CES 2013 with us, he's also picked up some gear to do it with. We'll be giving him an Asus Zenbook UX32A Notebook and a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS camera to help him report on the show.

Seagate Backup Plus portable drive
Asus Zenbook UX32A Ultrabok
Canon Powershot SX260 HS camera

Looking forward to tearing it up in Vegas, Adam! Oh, and doing some tech reporting too, I guess.


Unfortunately, we can't take all of you to CES which makes me sad, but we've got some awesome runner-up prizes from Seagate to give away instead!

Lindsay Handmer

(Editor's Choice Runner-Up)

Lindsay is an example of one of the truly awesome entries we received. How can you say no to a guy chainsawing a laptop before firing arrows at it? You can't. That's why he gets a 500GB Seagate Backup Plus for his efforts. Nice one, Lindsay!

Ahbi Pai

(Readers' Choice Runner-Up)

Ahbi's Samsung Galaxy SIII review fell into the favour of the readers, which lands him a shiny new 500GB Seagate Backup Plus hard drive. Congratulations Ahbi!

Thank You

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, voted, viewed, commented or shared the CES 2013 competition. It started off small but the volume of entries we got towards the end was really excellent and the quality of the videos were excellent. Massive props to all of you for participating and we can't wait to bring you the amazing CES 2013 content live from Las Vegas!

We'll certainly be highlighting some of the best video content as reader reviews in the coming weeks leading up to the show.



    Congratulations to Adam. It's such an amazing prize and I hope you enjoy every minute of it. Can't wait to see the coverage you provide.

    Also congrats to Lindsay and Ahbi.

    Look forward to trying again next year (please don't ever stop running this comp Gizmodo).

    Thank you so much to Gizmodo, Seagate, and everybody who voted for me. This means so much, it's a cliche, but this really is a dream come true. Also a big thanks to my friends who helped me make the video, it was so much work behind the scenes and on the day they really came through in helping me pull off my vision.
    Thank you also to the other entrants for making this such a great competition to be a part of. It's nice to get an insight into the Gizmodo community! There were some really good videos this year.
    I hope to provide you all with as much useful content as I can, I'm already thinking about ideas for delivering content from CES.

    I uploaded some behind the scenes photos in case anyone wanted to take a look!
    We managed to borrow a lot of useful equipment which really helped the technical quality of the review.

    I will also be using my new twitter almost entirely for CES content, so if you want to keep up to date with me and Gizmodo leading up to and at Vegas, this will give you my most recent info!

    Thanks again guys!

    Well done Adam.

    But seriously, Giz, take that dude that chainsawed the laptop too. Do it.

      Next year for sure ;)

      But nice work all round! And thanks for the prize Gizmodo!

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