London's Nokia Lumia 920 Launch Had 100% More Awesome Than Australia's

The Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 are Nokia's flagship handsets for the year, yet they slipped out without much fanfare in the local market. Not like in the UK. Step inside and watch dance DJ Deadmau5 spin one of the coolest Lumia-themed sets you've ever seen.

Dear Nokia. Next time a flagship handset launches, could we have light-up bins, glitter balls on forklifts, glowing apartment buildings and random square parties? Thanks.

Head over to Gizmodo UK to go behind the scenes of the awesome launch concert. [Gizmodo UK]


    the launch here was ummm......???.....disastrous!!
    no phones to be PR...not even any idea of when we can buy one...
    I feel cheated :( take me to that party !!!!

    Didn't they have Timomatic launch the Lumia 800 here? I'd rather Nokia Aus didn't do launches after that lol.

    I'm not fussed about a launch at making the more than a few handfuls of the actual phone itself available on London had plennnnnnty. :(

    +1. Pretty woeful here... Where are the phones Telstra and Nokia?

    I looked at all the windows, but I couldn't see any vans. I am disappoint.

    I still haven't got my lumia 920 i pre-ordered ages ago, this has been driving me nuts!!!!

    Got the call this morning from my Telstra shop that my white 920 had come in ( I ordered a yellow). There for an hour waiting and setting up, only for the phone to be deemed DOA...arrrrrrrgh!!! The store only received one handset and they have no idea when they'll get another one in (regional NSW). FRUSSSTRATED!!!

    Seeing as mine was deemed DOA AFTER the contract was complete and was told to hold onto the contract, and just pick up the new phone when one comes in….what’s the bet it’ll be on my next Telstra bill regardless of whether I actually HAVE a handset or not.

    Does anyone know if they’d flag a case like mine to get a phone to me sooner than later? Seeing as i’m likely already paying for it?

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