LG Adds Google TV To Seven Sets For Smarter Channel Surfing

Keypads are quickly becoming a legacy technology thanks to a collaboration between LG and Google TV. The company announced today that it is expanding Google TV functionality to seven of its 2013 models.

According to LG, its GA7900 (47-inch and 55-inch) and GA6400 (42-inch, 47-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 60-inch) series of televisions will now feature Google TV working in conjunction with LG's newly redesigned Magic Remote. Users will be able to switch channels, access streaming content, or search for shows from the Google TV dashboard through verbal commands or via the remote's flip-out QWERTY keyboard.

Want to watch Army of Darkness? Simply tell the remote as much and the Google TV system will find it among its 100,000 available movies and TV episodes. The same goes for web surfing — tell the system you want to go to gizmodo.com.au and bing, bang, boom, there you are.

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