Julian Assange Will Run For An Australian Senate Seat

Ain't no party like a WikiLeaks Party 'cos a Wikileaks Party don't stop! Ahem. That's right, voters: Julian Assange is forming an Australian political party and having a crack at a Federal Senate seat in 2013.

Assange sat down with Fairfax and told them that plans for a Wikileaks Party are "significantly advanced", with several prominent Australians already involved.

It's actually pretty tricky to get your ducks in a row to nominate for the Australian Senate. That's made significantly more complicated if you're operating out of a foreign embassy on the other side of the world while simultaneously under threat of arrest, extradition and God-knows-what-else. Out of necessity, Assange is sidekicking the Wikileaks Party's registration process to his father in Australia.

If Assange did get elected to the Senate, he'd have to return to Australia to sit. The problem with that though is that he's been told he'll be arrested as soon as he exits the Ecuadorian embassy in London, he'll be arrested and extradited to Sweden. Assange has made assurances though that he can nominate someone else in the party to sit in his Senate seat until he's able to return.

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    I think if you get convicted of a crime you can't ever stand. I wonder if he'll be back in Oz any year soon?

      i have a feeling that you watch nothing but fox news

      I'm pretty sure he hasn't even been charged with anything. They just want to "question" him. Which they could very well do in London.....but we all know what this is really about.

        But didn't He get charged with computer hacking in his youth, maybe He was a minor at the time.

    he needs to man up and face justice first..then i couldn't care less what he does to be honest... a true narcissist will always be one and so it doesn't surprise me he wants to be in parliament

      he has my vote, after all he is my idol

        This is why the world is going down the tubes.

        Its just too bad the myan calandar and the end of the world is a hoax.

          i support what he did, he did what was right

            Having unprotected sex with and then ejaculating in 2 women who had made it clear that they did not want him to do so was the right thing to do?

            You are sick.

              you know that wasn't true and didn't happen, the American government paid them to say it, so they could try and convict him for what he did, although i support what he posted and did, not the supposid rape part

                And you have evidence of this? I hope that you are never raped. But if you are I hope to the depest parts of my soul that you are treated the same way you and the media are treating these women.

                  Your comments are ridiculous. How can you believe what the mainstream media says mate? Julian Assange has not been convicted, they obviously don't want to question him THAT urgently, or else they would (1) question him over webcam, (2) agree to NOT extradite him to America or (3) just go to the Embassy and have a chat with him there. The fact is, he is doing LOADS for people around the world who are trying to get some openness and transparency from governments, media, and corparations... I can't believe people don't support this man, he has done NOTHING to benefit himself. He is now trapped in a building with tight security. All for trying to get freedom of speech. Watch bradley mannings video, theres another guy who's being treated like a caged animal. Disgusting. "You are sick"

      AFAIK, he has agreed to go to Sweden to cooperate with the authorities given that Sweden agrees not to extradite him to the US. He has also agreed to cooperate with the Swedes if they send someone over to the UK.
      Guess what, the Swedes don't want to do either of that. So what does that tell you.

      Face justice? you mean the fake charges that the US is using to get him extradited so they can lock him up indefinitely?

    What sort of idiot woudl vote for a narcissitic ass like him? Surely we have enough of those kinds of politicians already?

      I would vote for him. Not that I think he is the noblest Australian to ever walk the earth, but I honestly believe that our country is best served be having as many differing walks of life and viewpoints represented in parliament as possible. Having someone with slight anarchistic tendencies and a belief that all information should be public may help balance out some of the "lets keep everything secret and controlled" views.
      You cannot stand as a senate candidate if you are serving a prison sentence of 12 months or more or have dual citizenship. As I understand it Julian hasn't been formally charged and certainly not convicted (yet?). And he is still an Australian citizen, so I guess he has a shot.

        "As I understand it Julian hasn't been formally charged and certainly not convicted" correct ... so all for ppl saying BS please chk your facts before accusing some one in something that been blown out of proportion big time... to make it very simple you can be called in to police to be questioned on the issue (any issue) and that will be pretty much the same

          What of the charges pending in the UK for breaching his bail conditions?

          He hasn't been formally charged because he hasn't been arrested yet. He is wanted for arrest tho.

        Well, thanks for answering my first question, then. But if you think this joker has anarchistic tendancies, you are sadly mistaken. Anarchists do not run for parliament, they plant bombs in it. Everything he has been done is purely as a means to promote himself. Just look at the way he has gone about it all - it has always been about Julain Assange, not about Wikileaks and certainly not about doing anything even slightly noble or worthwhile. This latest stunt is perhaps the most compelling example yet. Surely if he was interested in serving the country, he would be doing everything he can to clear up his current criminal problems by facing his accusers and vigorously defending his innocence? He is a gutless weasel.

        Last edited 13/12/12 10:46 am

          look at the bigger picture, Sweden (where the questioning will take place) refused to provide security and cant 'promise' that he will not be deported to USA............. makes you think about the whole charges 2th....
          public focus on the individual makes you forget about the issues that were raised with Wiki as a website - I give 'our' media credit for this. Did you read anything about individuals who did 'wrong' in the cases raised by Wiki? I didn't ... (
          and as far as Australia goes ... fuk me ... but we seems to be really concerned about Bali drug smugglers (convicted ones) and not about our citizen who is getting a bit to much attention from foreign governments without even charges??? grow some balls Australia
          as far as anarchist goes.... well history will be judge of that...

            Why should Sweden provide any such assurances. For all they know he could have murdered 50 children in the USA, so there is no way they woudl make blanket assurances like that, nor shoudl anyone expect them to. The whole idea that the US has even the slightest interest in this idiot is completely in his fat head. If they wanted to get him, the UK would have been the ally to ask for it. Sweden is a neutral country and they are far less likely to hand him over because the local backlash would be far greater.

            What issues has Wikileaks raised? They haven't leanked anythign that could not have been obtained via freedom of information anyway. After all, his source was a low level clerk in Defence, someone with the most basic security clearance imaginable. If Assange is getting to omuch attention from anyone, it is the media. He is a nobody, his plight is entirely of his own making, as well as existing largely in his head, and the solution to it is simple - stop hiding away like a guilty prick and defend yourself in a court of law like any honest man would.

              Bradley Manning.

              If you think the US isn't interested in Julian Assange, who helped Manning expose war crimes, you need to do a little more reading on the subject.

                Bradley Manning was a government employee who broke the law, Assange just exploited his gullibility. Manning needs to be made an example of, Assange needs to be ignored.

                  So Manning broke the law and Assange exploited his gullibility eh? Guess what, buddy? The governments are exploiting your gullibility :O

              Your comments show that you seriously have no idea what you are talking about on this issue.

              Yes, you are right MotorMouth, the US isn't interested in Julian Assange at all. I mean, the US military has only designated him as "Enemy of the State" just like Al-Queda and the Taliban. And by making him enemy of the state, he can be killed, detained or captured without trial by the US military.
              YEAH! He is a nobody just like you said.
              GOD BLESS USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Just ignore him, he either is trolling, or has no idea what he is talking about.

              Can you seriously believe the dispute would have gone global, or that the British government would have made its asinine threat to suspend the Ecuadorean embassy's diplomatic status and enter it by force, or that scores of police would have surrounded the building, swarming up and down the fire escape and guarding every window, if it was all about one man wanted for questioning over sex crime allegations in Stockholm?

          an·ar·chism (/ˈanərˌkizəm/), Noun
          Belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force.
          So... MM, stop spreading your own version of lies about what an anarchist is. As for the narcissistic comment, JA attempting to clear his name and is doing what he can to get out of the corner he has been pushed into by aforementioned governments. He is Wikileaks; he started it; he owns it. Our current government brought back that Hicks fool and have left JA to burn in hell. Gillard and Carr are the gutless weasels.

        He has been charged by the police in the UK for breaching his home detention order. If he leaves that embasy, he will be arested and tried for that breach and if convicted, serve his sentence in the UK then will be extradited to Sweeden to answer the alegations there.

    Even if by some chance he did get voted in, it would be his mother dictating what he does not him and she's a nut case..!

    As much as we need people like him to balance out their polar opposites, we don't need him. Which doesn't matter, because even if you vote for him, you won't get him, you'll get some other currently unnamed chump.
    Secondly, I don't vote for people on the run from the law. Even if it all happens to be a big set up because he pissed off the wrong people, he still pissed off the wrong people, which is not the kind of people I want representing me.

      so you want to vote for people who doesn't stand for your rights but obeys whoever in power tells them to do. interesting.......
      Have you ever considered moving to China or North Korea? I think those countries are perfect for you, you can even skip the voting bit.

        Complete misrepresentation of what I said but sure.
        I get no benefit what so ever from someone leaking state secrets. As much as some transparency is required, hence why I clearly stated that we need people like him to balance their polar ultra-secret opposite, it's detrimental to national security and equally idiotic to release all information willy nilly.
        Secondly, I want someone who will fight for my rights, but if I am to have someone represent me it will be someone not so radical, with some diplomatic and political understanding. Pissing off whom ever you feel like because you believe in something different isn't the way to run a country, nor does it make you a push over if you work with such counter parts in a diplomatic way.
        In fact, I propose that a nation run by a bunch of Julian Assange's is no different to radical governments like China and NK, and even in some way the US, in that they do as they wish with complete disregard for others. Julian does so at the polar opposite, still doesn't make it right.

          1. You gain no benefits from learning the truth hidden by the governments? Well, i think the benefits here is that you learn the truth instead of the lies government want you to believe. I don't understand why people like you are willing to become ignorant for the sake of "national security". especially when it is the government that wants you to believe the nation is under threat so they can have more control over you.
          2. really? you really think you can rely on ANY politicians to fight the "wrong people" you have mentioned (US government) using diplomacy? in reality, 10 out of 10 politicians will just rollover because they wouldn't want to piss off the "wrong people". Never forget politics and diplomacy is the art of compromise, and more often than not the first thing the politicians compromise is your rights.
          If the government is actually run by a bunch of Julians, at least I know I will be free.

            Ok, again, you seem to be arguing against me in the wrong context by completely misunderstanding my point. I'm not taking sides per se.
            Let me quote myself from my first post, and maybe this time you will read/understand it.
            As much as we need people like him to balance out their polar opposites
            and again in my second post
            I clearly stated that we need people like him to balance their polar ultra-secret opposite
            Clearly stated, I believe we need people of both sides.
            The point is, I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, nor am I stupid or ignorant enough to believe everything my or any government says.
            That being said, I don't believe the world is all pretty rainbows and unicorns only held back by some totalitarian governments, and quite frankly, I don't need to know all the military, economic and political secrets my government holds, because if I can find out, so can someone who may not particularly use that information in my benefit.
            And no, I never stated that I can RELY on any politician. I purely stated that I WANT someone to fight for my rights. But I don't WANT or think I can RELY on Julian for anything either, because the man lacks morals.
            Oh and lastly, quoted from my second post.
            some transparency is required

            Besides, you claim that no politicians can be relied on, and correct me if I'm wrong, but even trusted, yet want to elect Julian to become a politician, with complete blind faith and a complete lack of scrutiny that he will be any different to all the others.
            I ask you how your attitude is any different to the 'ignorant' people you despise?
            Were you so fanatical about Peter Garrett as well?

            Last edited 13/12/12 3:08 pm

              First of all, yes, I do understand everything you said, which contradicts itself i have to say.
              1. you want people like him to balance out his polar opposites (i am assuming you are talking about the ones in the government), yet you do not want him or the person who represent what he stands for in the parliament. so do you actually want to balance out his opposites? how do you have someone like him but not... like him? so the definition of "like him" depends entirely on your interpretation but not an objective definition which is, well, the person who is most similar to Assange is himself.
              2. you keep saying some transparency is required, so do you know what you don't know? do you know whether your government has lied to you by keeping things secret? so tell me which part of the deciding what you should know do you, the people, have a say in? last i checked, it is always the government who gets to decide what we should know. what makes you so sure that our "hypotheical enemies" don't already possess such information anyway.
              3. I never said i want to elect Julian now did I? seems like you are the one who can't understand what i wrote. if Julian has other policies that align with my belief, then sure. i am not gonna vote for him if he wants put forward a policy to kill all immigrants now will i.

              It is funny how i came across as fanatical to you because all i have ever used in the argument are logic and reason. you on the otherhand, dislikes Assange because of your preception that he lacks moral.

    Regardless of his motives, considering all that he had to lose (potentially his life) through spreading the information he did, I would hardly call him gutless.

    Australia could do with a bit of a political shake up. I'd vote Assange.

      I think we need a political shake up too.

        Won't happen until there's a coup. And we're all rather too comfortable to stage a coup, wouldn't you agree?

    if you had to choose the worser of two evils, who would you choose?
    any of the current party representatives, or Julian?
    you would have to agree that there's a certain merit attached to the transperancy you'd expect from him... in politics, especially!

    His relevance deprivation syndrome must be acting up again so its time for the next publicity stunt.

    I wonder if this is some manurer that would get him immunity as a foreign dignitary? Can a senator be given Diplomat status even if he is already in the country trying to arrest him?

    As if there aren't enough narcissistic sociopaths in parliament already....

    Merger with the Pirate Party? Between Sex, Pirate and Wikileaks they're spreading the progressive vote too thin.

    Pretty sure he has more virtue than most of the current crop of Australian politicians..

    How can he run for a seat from the Embassy though? If in the world of make-believe, he even won said seat, he would never get to sit in it unless he can get back to Australia, and somehow avoid extradition by Australian authorities to the US I'm guessing Bob Carr isn't going to stop that happening.

      No law against it running a campaign from wherever you want. All that matters is that you are an Australian citizen.

      The interesting thing is that if he wins ... and he would almost certainly will ... he could claim diplomatic immunity as an Australian politician.

        But is that immunity retroactive? Are any warrants/summons/extradition orders filed before the diplomatic appointment valid?


    Please help promote this link wherever you can; if you believe in freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

    Julian Assange for the Nobel prize for freedom of the press:

    (Please type 3w).avaaz.org/en/petition/Juli­an_Assange_for_Nobel_prize_Fre­edom_of_the_Press/

    Lets see how "Noble" the Norwegians and their righteous Swede neighbors are or claim to be, since they offered Obama the Nobel peace prize!

      What has JA done to promote peace? He has done the exact oposite. He did his level best to start a war with the release of all those diplomatic memos.

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