Julian Assange Will Run For An Australian Senate Seat

Julian Assange Will Run For An Australian Senate Seat

Ain’t no party like a WikiLeaks Party ‘cos a Wikileaks Party don’t stop! Ahem. That’s right, voters: Julian Assange is forming an Australian political party and having a crack at a Federal Senate seat in 2013.

Assange sat down with Fairfax and told them that plans for a Wikileaks Party are “significantly advanced”, with several prominent Australians already involved.

It’s actually pretty tricky to get your ducks in a row to nominate for the Australian Senate. That’s made significantly more complicated if you’re operating out of a foreign embassy on the other side of the world while simultaneously under threat of arrest, extradition and God-knows-what-else. Out of necessity, Assange is sidekicking the Wikileaks Party’s registration process to his father in Australia.

If Assange did get elected to the Senate, he’d have to return to Australia to sit. The problem with that though is that he’s been told he’ll be arrested as soon as he exits the Ecuadorian embassy in London, he’ll be arrested and extradited to Sweden. Assange has made assurances though that he can nominate someone else in the party to sit in his Senate seat until he’s able to return.

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