JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman To Sell Surface RT Before Christmas

Time to re-write those Christmas lists, gadget fans, for Microsoft is finally teaming up with Australian retailers to sell the Surface RT tablet. Interestingly though, Microsoft isn't going to be dictating prices to retailers meaning that they might be able to undercut Redmond's online store on price.

Microsoft confirmed to us this morning that the Surface RT would go on sale in Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi stores towards the Christmas-end of December. One imagines that the retailers will be selling the Touch and Type Covers along with other accessories too, but that's not confirmed as of yet.

We're also told that Microsoft will be giving retailers a recommended retail price, but the retailers won't have to follow it. That means we might get the Surface RT from physical retailers cheaper than Microsoft offers it online. We'll have to wait and see on that one, though.

We'll update this story if and when we get more information.



    Yay! Microsoft finally realises that people don't want to fork out $500 plus on a product they have never seen or used before

    The day that Harvey Norman undercuts anyone on price is unfathomable.

      surprisingly HN got some better prices that other retailers wont go near.

      Yes, that would be a rare moment in time.

    Think I'll wait for other manufacturers to release alternative designed RT tablets that don't have that silly kick stand. Really can't see that being comfy on my lap, even though I've seen people writing that they don't mind it. I prefer that mine doesn't fall over if I have to shift possy and that it doesn't collapse if I sneeze.! Then again I'll have a good look when they get released and make up my mind properly then. Does the panel sit too upright in my lap etc. which would be a show stopper.

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      Seems MS is going out of there way to block alternative web browsers, which is a big no,no for me. The RT version of IE is pretty much the same as windows 8's version, which sucks balls. So unless they fix that I think I'll be spending my money on an ultrabook instead of something with RT.

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      The kickstand is really intended to be used on a desk, rather than a lap. Can't imagine using the touch cover on a lap would be too comfy... But horses for courses and all that.

    Yay! I'll actually get to have a play with a decent Windows Tablet.

    All the OEM ones in JB right now seem to have terribly glitchy touch screens and issues with gestures.

    I've heard it said that online only is killing the Surface.
    And they said online shopping was killing retail.
    Retail still has its uses, it would seem.

    I just bought one from the on-line store, been using ipad, ipad2 then Nexus 7 and use Windows 8 on my desktop before this so the first couple of days took a bit of adjustment but after a week I'm sold. If you work in front of a computer and use windows there is no point looking at anything else a surface is what you want both for work and general home use. The ability to just browse to a network share and play video/audio directly is a killer feature. And functional flash in the browser on a tablet (although fashionable to bash it) is awesome.

      What are your thoughts on the RT version of IE.?

        I actually think it's reasonably optimal for a tablet. I use chrome mainly on the desktop but I actually prefer IE10 modern (on the surface) to Chrome (on the Nexus 7). Only thing that need's improving is the initial page rendering on heavily style or scripted layout pages can occasionally take a second or two for a page to render after download but this i think could easily be improved in a future update.

        I saw you said "Sucks balls" in a previous comment which on a desktop it definitely does but in the context of a tablet where the gestures are much more natural it's a thousand times better. I'de be interested on why you think it sucks (especially compared to IOS safari or Android Chrome).

          Probably been spoilt by Browsers that you can actually tweak to suit your preferences, which you can't do at all in IE. Oh, plus plugins where's the plugins ? :)

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            Ah ok, that's true on the desktop but not relevant on mobile devices as none of them have any real tweakability or ability to use plugins (for very good reasons).

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    With the added bonus if just being able to swipe back and forth to go forwards and backwards is ingenious. Can never go back to using an android/ios tablet.

    "We’re also told that Microsoft will be giving retailers a recommended retail price, but the retailers won’t have to follow it."

    Because asking or telling them to do so would be 100% illegal.

      I'd like to know what's up with Apple prices at, say, JB and why they rarely ever go on sale.

    Disappointing that I won't have a chance to sell them, considering I have been talking about it with some of my customers.

    I think JB will initially sell it very close to cost to really get them out there.

    I'm pretty sure JB and Harvey Norman had to forkk out a fair amount of dough to get these in their stores, so they'll be pushing them HARD.

    Kogan has them in stock now, not an actual shop, but somewhere else other than Microsoft where you can purchase the Surface RT from.

    Price IS higher at Harvey Norman than at Microsoft Store WTF!!!!

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