Japanese Website Lets You Rent A Boyfriend For $364

Japan provides its lonely men with plenty of way to find sweet respite from the emptiness and isolation of everyday life-provided you have the cash. And we're not just talking about prostitution: you can rent a girlfriend at Moé Date for a day of "simulate romance" or find a cuddle partner at Soine-ya to help you rest easy at night.

But what about the ladies? Women get lonely too, so it seems unfair that such services would only be available to men.

Believe it or not, even before either of the above establishments were in business, there was Soine-ya Prime, a dispatch service where women can hire a handsome young man to lay with her in bed for a night.

While unrelated to the male-oriented Soine-ya in Akihabara — which, by the way, has been doing so well that they've recently opened up a second shop in Shinjuku — Soine-ya Prime also believes that there are just some nights when we crave the warmth of another human beside us to the point that we would be willing to pay a complete stranger to do it.

Soine-ya Prime opened shop in 2011 and seems to be inspired byShimshima, a television drama that aired the same year about a woman who has trouble sleeping after coming out of a divorce. The woman finds that just laying alongside a man at night enables her to sleep peacefully and she starts a soine-ya (lit: "sleep together shop") business that dispatches young men to sleep with lonely women.

The drama's catchphrase, "Sleeping with men makes women stronger", sent an empowering message to women across the country.

Soine-ya Prime acknowledges its roots with a link to theShimshimawebsite at the bottom of their homepageand asserts that, like the business in the drama, it does not offer any sexual services to clients.

So what can you do with the "cast", as they call their male employees. According to the site, you can:

  • Sleep in his arms
  • Go out for a date (all costs must be borne by the client)
  • Have him clean for you (Simple cleaning tasks like vacuuming, etc, so long as it's nothing discomforting)
  • Eat together at a restaurant (all costs must be borne by the client)
  • Have him cook for you (ingredients must be prepared by the client)

And here's what clients are forbidden from doing:

  • Touching his genitals or reaching under his clothes
  • Taking a shower or bath together
  • Kissing or other intimate contact not specified in the service outline
  • Anything that would sexually arouse him
  • Contacting him in private without the permission of Soine-ya Prime
  • Hidden photography, wiretapping, etc

They also add that they do not accept clients who use narcotics, have a dirty house or are scouting for other establishments.

Pricing for the "Standard Plan", which covers all of the above services, starts at ¥30,000 ($364) for seven hours. For a full eight hours of rest you're looking at ¥33,000 ($400), and keeping your man for the maximum of 12 hours will put out ¥48,000 ($580). All sleeping must be done either at the client's house or a hotel.

There is also a "Date Plan", which includes a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort for ¥70,000 ($850, two tickets included). There is also the "Premium Date Course", where the client can specify an activity she would like to do, such as going to the beach or watching the sun set, and Soine-ya Prime will plan and prepare a dream date itinerary for a fee starting at ¥50,000 ($600).

In either case, your rent-a-boyfriend will come and pick you up by car at either your home or a prearranged meeting place. For all plans, it costs an extra ¥2000 ($24) to pick out which "cast member" you want to spend the night with.

Speaking of which, take a look at the hot young stud muffins on the menu (at the top of this page):

So, ladies, whose arms would you like to fall asleep in tonight? [Soineya Prime]

This article originally appeared on RocketNews24, a Japanese based news blog.



    I'm hardly a macho "man's man" myself, but what's with all the girly men? I actually thought the group picture on the bed was of five women until I looked closer.

      I noticed that too- plus some of the services: "Cook for you", "clean for you", "Sleep in his arms".
      This seems aimed specifically at that sort of unconfident, sexually inexperienced younger woman whose ideal is basically a woman in all but the genetic level. - The Justin Bieber or young Leonardo DiCaprio sort of thing.
      There's nothing wrong with that it's just something to grow out of eventually.

      It follows though. More confident woman either aren't lonely in this department anyway or they're getting a real gigolo service.

      Thats the current trend in asia. Effeminate, slim guys are what all the girls are into. Plus crazy anime hair. Just google korean and japanese pop stars and youll know what im talking about

    Blood? What?

      Yup. It can get pretty bad from what Ive read too. I read an article while studying japanese in school about how job searchers were being discriminated against by employers because they didnt have the blood type employers were looking for.

    It's nice service ever for lonely and feeling down women. Sleeping with girly guys really make power charge back for that kind of women and who need a hug or others. But It really need to be rich is bad.

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