I'm Sad That No Kid Will Ever Know What This Coffee Table Really Is

Can you imagine the conversation you would have with a child, hell, a tween, about this coffee table? "You see, son. Before the cloud and usb sticks. Before hard drives and iPhones and Androids. Before the iPod and even before the CD player, there was something called the floppy disk. And it stored 1.44MB. Yeah, I know. You text bigger files than that. But the thing is, people actually used the floppy disk like we use flash drives today!"

Tween: So why would someone make a coffee table that's a floppy disk? If someone made a usb stick coffee table, I'd think they were dumb. Was the disk actually floppy? What the hell is floppy, anyway?

You: Well there was a real floppy floppy disk before this floppy disk but that's a different story entirely.

Tween: I don't get it. Can I play with your iPad?

You: I WILL BUY THIS COFFEE TABLE AND YOU WILL USE IT DAMMIT. *meekly* Or just think of it as a normal coffee table with some silver crap on it.

Tween: How about that iPad?

And scene. The floppy table was made by Berlin art, design and architecture duo Axel van Exel and Marian Neulant of Neulant van Exel. The stainless steel part of the table actually conceals a compartment to put remotes and stuff. Genius! See more of the Floppy Table here. [Floppy Table via Laughing Squid]


    They'll know what it is because it'll forever be used as the 'save' icon ;)

    But they'll never know the clunkiness. The nerve-wracking sounds that eminate when it's trying, and failing, to read the disk.

    Love it! Something else to make for myself when I retire and have time on my hands.

    I just threw out a whole bunch of floppies and floppy floppies a couple nights ago. But I kept some.. I couldn't part with them all!!! They make me very nostalgic.. And tbh, they're really cool! Who's with me!!!

    I wonder if the stainless slider is spring loaded so it chops your hand off if you don't get the remote out quick enough. I think the one I build will be. Great trick for unsuspecting kids .


    Last edited 25/06/15 10:10 pm

      Harden up, Buttercup.

      We didn't just get patronised when we were your age, we got beaten up, too!


    Bugger this modern 3.5" crap, where is the 5 1/4" floppy table?

    I'm not sad as I know that technology is awesome and even better when it progresses.

    1.44MB? Pfft. 720KB, double sided if you punched a hole in it.

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