How To Say Google In Different Languages

How To Say Google In Different Languages

Google, the word not the company, has become such a common word for anyone who uses a computer (other than the yahoos who still use Yahoo, I guess) that it’s surprising to learn that other languages have a different word for it. Like Italians say Googlare. Or that the Portugese say Googlar. It gets weirder.

The Atlantic Wire explains that the phrase “to Google” has become translated to other languages and listed some examples:

  • Spanish: googlear and guglear
  • Italian: googlare
  • Portuguese: googlar or guglar
  • German: googeln and googlen
  • French: googler
  • Swedish: att googla
  • Hebrew: l’gagel
  • Slovenian: proguglati or poguglati
  • Polish – googlować
  • Finnish: googlata
  • Czech: vygooglit

That doesn’t even include Russian (гуглить/gugleet or googleet) or Greek (γκουγκλίζω/googlizo). Check out the full list at the Atlantic Wire.

Or just Google it. [Atlantic Wire]