Here's The Weather, Delivered In Elvish By A New Zealand TV Host

With the theatrical release of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit just weeks away and the official premiere behind us, the world is slowly going to become more Lord of the Rings crazy. You'd think the Kiwis would be over the attention. No, not really. Turns out they're still very much into it, as NZ TV host and weatherman Tamati Coffey demonstrates with this forecast, delivered mostly in Elvish... dressed as an elf.

If your Elvish is a bit rusty or, like mine, non-existent, subtitles are provided so you don't miss out on what Coffey is actually saying. Though, considering this was shot a little over a week ago on TVNZ's Breakfast, the forecast is probably a little out of date.

With two more films to go after the first instalment this Boxing Day, this is just the start of what I'm sure will be an avalanche of Middle Earth mania. Now, where did I leave my hobbit feet...?

[YouTube, via Geekologie]


    Does anyone else think New Zealand is kind of degrading themselves with this whole JRR stuff? I mean, is it not ALL the country has to offer, their snow is amazing, and their wilderness is some of the most beautiful on Earth. It's becoming.... embarrassing.

      I think they are finally properly cashing in on the whole lord of the rings thing. I can guarantee there will be more people interested in the hobbit than snow and wilderness, sad but true I am afraid. I am a Kiwi and if there is one thing we are good at it's taking the puss out of ourselves.

        Sweet as bru. I'm gunna to get much jandles outta tha chullibun.

          Shut yes. Hang on, are you takin the puss outa me.

      Yes, but frankly you can't degrade something which is already... New Zealand.

      Was thinking the same thing when I saw this.
      Was also thinking of visiting NZ sometime in the near future, but now I'm beginning to think I'm just going to get bombarded with Hobbit stuff everywhere I go.
      Might give NZ a miss until the fad fades.

    ummm so about 70%+ was in english... kinda not was i was expecting.

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