Here's A Sneak Peek At The Inside Of Doctor Who's New TARDIS

We know there's a Doctor Who Christmas special all set for December 25, but putting together a new festive instalment isn't all the BBC has been up to. The episode will also feature a shiny new TARDIS interior, a small part of which can be seen above.

According to a post on Doctor Who TV, the new TARDIS is the work of production designer Michael Pickwoad and will serve the show for its 2013 season. A less zoomed-in shot would have been preferable, but that might have been deemed to big a reveal.

In other Doctor Who news, Sir Ian McKellen has been announced as the voice of the nefarious Snowmen. The perfect way to acclimatise before you see him playing Gandalf again in The Hobbit... the very next day? What excellent timing.

[BBC America, via Doctor Who TV]

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