Gizmodo Awards 2012: Vote On Your Favourite Mobile Phone

You came, you saw, you nominated. Now it's time to get down to the nitty, gritty of voting on the handset of the year.

Will the Lumia 920 take out the crown? What about the bargain Nexus 4? Could the iPhone 5 take out the crown. You'll only know if you vote for your favourite!

You can even tell us what you voted for in the comments and why.

Poll closes on 10 December 2012 at 10am AEDT. All handsets are ordered alphabetically. In the interest of fairness, only one vote is allowed.




    Splitting almost identical phones like the HTC One X/XL and Samsung Galaxy SIII/SIII 4G seems unfair. Their votes should be combined when determining the winner.

    As for my vote, I think there are only two phones in the list that are potential game changers - the Lumia 920 as it could be the phone that finally breaks through the Android/iOS dominance and the Nexus 4 due to its unprecedented value for money. My vote goes to the Nexus because i'm Android biased.

      Love your honesty!

    i'd love to know how many of the people who have voted for the lumia have actually used one...

      While I see your point, I don't think it's reasonable to expect that everybody's used all the phones on the list so that they can have a more reliable opinion on which is their favourite. I've briefly used iP5, multiple Androids (incl. SGS3) and I've yet to hold a 920, but I prefer my Lumia 800 to the other smartphones I've used (despite its various weaknesses) so I voted 920, as it's been described as "the next step for Lumia".

      Have had my Lumia 920 for 4 days now and I voted, it's seriously great. I just tend to remind people that if they are getting one keep in mind you will be an early adopter, there will be bugs.

      5 days now for me and I love it.
      Previously on a Omnia 7 with W7

      I have one and voted for it

      I ordered a Lumia 920 one weeks ago.

      I had an i4S and now have a 920 and definitely like it far better. When I saw that the i5 had nothing new, it was easy for me to try Windows8. The wireless charging works really well. I have a yellow one and people stop me all the time asking what it is.

      I have :) I love my lumia 920.. its a fresh, responsive and it works well

    As a Lumia 920 owner, it has to be the iPhone 5

      I doubt you have a Lumia 920.

        Its definitely the best iPhone alternative but as bored as everyone is of hearing it, the iPhone still rules the game. I am really impressed with windows8. Its just not as mature.

          Pretty bad photo, dude... taken with an iPhone 5? ;)

          Well since Nokia Lumia 920 does not run Windows 8 , my guess is you haven even seen one in real life.

            Wow. U caught me out there. You're not really keeping up are u? :)

          iphone 5 can´t hold a candle to the lumia 920, it´s only advantage is apps and that won´t last long. The lumia is a far better phone in pretty much every conceivable aspect. Better build quality, better camera, better screen, best OS, best maps, etc

            If it were properly sorted, yes. I love my phone. I prefer wp8 over ios in many ways. these are the issues i've found and why i think that you are better off with an iphone 5.
            reception - on telstra 4g, the iphone 5 is faultless everywhere i go. the lumia 920 drops in and out of 4g at the same places. 4g speed test figures are slower too.
            apps (obviously) are VERY young. facebook is next to unusable, skype is pre-release and really doesn't do the basics. missing spotify, no way to stream my recorded tv from my media center. i can't remotely set my home theatre to record a show etc. just the million and one apps that haven't yet been written or implemented yet.
            bugs, i thought i had a bricked phone. i had to soft reset it. my problem was i don't know how long it was in my pocket in this bricked state before i realised. not ideal for business use. i was very sad face when i thought it was dead.
            notifications. i know this is coming but it needs urgent work.
            it needs to constrain apps better and specifically how the apps use resources while minimised. if you don't close an app properly, you can wind up with a dead battery. i also had the gps logo stuck on with no apps running. when i first got the phone, the phone was always running very hot. (like proper hot) it was only when i did the soft reset that it stopped warming up.
            cut and paste is quite hit and miss.
            internet explorer is not as pollished as safari. especially with regards to hitting small links in pages. the tabs are not easy to switch. it's good, don't get me wrong and a lot better than the android browsers i have used but definitely not quite as good.
            push messages do not arrive instantly. you can't view older emails or do a server side search at all.
            camera hardware is fantastic. the software is useless and needs urgent update. the white balance is useless. i've had lots of bad quality pics and vids due to this. in video mode, it hunts around changing the iso and white balance sometimes several times a second. the iphone camera is inferior but gets the best possible pic every time. the superior 920, you're lucky to get 1 in 2 shots or video. even when you set the video settings manually, in sunlight, the shutter speed is way way too fast. you end up with very stuttery video with unnatural motion. it looks like the video is taken with a shutter speed of 1/500ths of a second instead of 1/60th which would be optimum. if you go out with an iphone and take pics/video, you will end up with better photos at the end of the day. the autofocus however is fantastic on the lumia.
            i still love it, but really if you take it from the perspective of most tasks, the iphone will do it better (except maps - nokia have The Best Mobile Maps !) at least that's my opinion.

              Your first post sounded like you were just trolling.
              Kudos to you for explaining your position :)

            The build quality is not better, the Lumia 920 is a brick, just like all of Nokia's phones. You have no justification for it being a better OS, how is it a better OS? Ease of use: iOS, Apps: iOS, Better customer support: iOS, design: I quite like the Windows Phone 8 UI, it's just that there is nothing beneath the surface. Whether the display on the Lumia is better than the iPhone 5 is debatable, I couldn't say, as I've only used the Lumia once, and briefly. I'm just saying, you haven't justified any of the huge claims that you've made. And also, the specs on the iPhone 5 are better, not that specs matter much when the only game that your platform has is Angry Birds.

            Last edited 06/12/12 6:30 pm

      Love how I've been negged for my comment. Nice work guys. Cheers

    Really? Nokia Lumia 920? What the hell?

      What are your issues with the phone?

        im a massive Nokia fan. the lumia is a great phone the software is shit. especially when you compare it to Nokia last ever flagship, the N9. I would vote so hard for the 920 if it ran MeeGo

          The software is shit... lol what?

          Have you used WP8 or are you talking primary from experience regarding WP7.x? Because WP8 has literally been rebuilt from the ground up (now running on the same kernal as W8). I didn't buy a Lumia 900 because of WP 7.x but WP8 is actually great and good. The software now matches the hardware.

          I know what you mean, but I don't think its the software as much as it is Nokia not making sure that what was a given on previous Nokia phones were included on the 920. Something as little as making sure that connection icon, wifi icon, forwarding icon, bluetooth icon are visible all the time. Currently you have to keep tapping the top of the screen to see those icons. There are other examples, but in comparison between Nokia's symbian phones and the WP8 phones, the Symbian's user's experience was more comprehensive. But I'm not completely disappointed with the 920 because it does some things really well. I'm just hoping Nokia addresses these minor issues when the Jan update is released.

      Rawr.. it's not my phone so *complain complain*. Really dude? People are voting here for the best phone, and it seems they're voting for a phone that's quite innovative in it's own right, much like the iPhone 5 or S3.

        I don't have strong issues with the phone, just surprised it's *that* far in front. Sheesh.

        And what is innovative in iPhone5...? Let me think..... eeer.... a new row of icons...? Yep, that's it.

          Don't forget the updated camera.. lens... cover.

    As an iPhone 5 owner, my vote goes for the Lumia 920.

    The iPhone 5 is an improvement on an already excellent phone, but there's nothing new or groundbreaking. The Lumia 920's camera on the other hand is excellent (or so I've heard - haven't got a chance to play around with it!).

      Pat, the camera is truly impressive with fantastic software to use it. But it's not just the stills that are amazing, the video and that SOUND is a big WOW. Plus maps that actually take you to places and all the other things. Try a 920 and I suspect you are an ex iPhone user.

    How is a phone that nobody owns be number 1? Seriously!

      I own it.

      I pick up an iPhone 5 and think taller lighter iPhone4 - meh. Then you pick up Lumia 920 and you realise that it is the business, beast of a screen, feels like it is solid enough to last a 2 year contract, and the completely lag-less experience is refreshing.

      … I have one, and I voted for it.

      actually considering that its only been out for a month quite a few people own it. It´s constantly out of stock and everyone who manages to get their hands on one instantly knows they have something of a game changer.

      I was surprise too. But I got one and it is an impressive piece of phone. The phone is a beast...and this is a good thing. It feels like you paid for it - nothing cheap about it. The design is minimalistic and beautiful. But the best quality to me is the screen. Its beautiful. The images are clean and even bad pictures & youtube videos look better on the phone. The phone has a lot of things it could do better, and the OS is definitely a lot different than what we have been use to, but after you get your start screen looking like you want, it really captures your attention. Looking forward to seeing what this phone becomes over the next 2 years.

      What are you on about? The iPhone 5 sold 2,000,000 in its first weekend. Making it the fastest selling consumer electronics device in HISTORY!

    Voted for the L920. Just got it recently, I've barely put the phone down. The screen, speakers, camera (particularly video), build quality, design, WP8, everything is just damn fun to use and a pleasure to look at.

    I don't think weight is an issue but if the bottom bezel was removed and it was roughly 50 grams lighter it would be a 10/10 phone for me. It's honestly the best phone I've had that I seriously enjoyed using since, well... The first iPhone.

    For background purposes, I currently also own a Galaxy Nexus, have had the Galaxy Note, S3, SII and played around with a fair few others. I wouldn't choose any phone over the L920 at this point in time.

    Voted for the iPhone 5. It isn't groundbreaking but it is a solid improvement over the previous models.

    I really take the design of the 5 for granted. I picked up my dad's 4S today, and was shocked at how different it felt.

      Seriously? It's the same phone.

    Nokia Lumia 920 of course

    A bit unfair to Sony Xperia S?
    - HTC Titan II 0.11% (2 votes)
    - Sony Xperia S 0% (6 votes)
    Where did the decimal places and the bar go? It looks like it's not counting those 6 votes at all...

    I test phones for my work, have tried all of them.
    HTC X+ is nice, and that is it, about it :) Samsung is a very good phone, but plastic-fantastic. Nokia is huge and heavy, just make it 50g less and a bit more compact.
    iPhone5 is boring, but solid and does everything with a bit of finesse.
    Sorry for Apple haters, but it is still the best phone on the market.

      lol the iphone 5 is a distant second compared to the Lumia 920. How exacly is it the best phone in the market? A 2 year old can scratch it, it has a worse screen and a worse camera than the lumia 920. Nokia maps is waaaaaaaaaaay better than apple maps, and WP 8 is much more inovative. Add in nfc and wireless charging for extras and it is obvious the iphone 5 can´t compete. App selection won´t save it for long since wp8 is catching up fast

        I think you are forgetting that it's a poll, which means that everyone gives their own personal preference. What use is arguing with someone? Do you work for Nokia?

        I use phones all day for work as well, and I am yet to use a phone that (for me) is more reliable, secure and is just "nice" to use than the iPhone 5. The iPhone suits my particular needs more than any other phone currently on the market. Though I suppose you would like to change my thoughts on that... go for it.

        - NFC hasn't taken off in my area, so it's no value to me.
        - I don't have kids, so it stays in near-perfect condition.
        - If I used the GPS on the iPhone, I could get the Nokia maps app if I really wanted too [I'm boring and don't travel much].
        - Camera is OK for happy snaps, but I have a DSLR if I want to get decent photos.
        - Wireless charging would be nice though! Although I suppose you still have to carry around the charging mat. Why not just have a dock?

        Must say though I am definitely looking forward to some of the Windows 8 phones! They look great!

          Two notes:
          - you don't know what NFC is. NFC isn't just for payment. You can use it for transfer data with other NFC devices. You can transfer data between Nokia Lumia 920 and SG3, for example.
          -wireless charging is an option. You don't need carry charging mat. You can use standard micro usb charger or usb cable connected to a PC, as well.

          I think the real advantages of Wireless charging using the Qi standard will be seen in the coming years... When tables at cafe's, restaurants, bars, universities, stations, etc. all have the charging surface built into the table. Which is what Nokia is pushing them to do, I believe Virgin and another are currently rolling it out.

        I have a 920, but for an overall better experience the iphone 4s (before iO6) is a better phone. That said, its not my favorite mainly because it doesn't play well with others. As a business person it was very frustrating to have to convert files before I could send them. As a social person it was frustrating not to be able to share files with my friends unless they had an iphone. As popular as the iphone is, most people do not have one, so for Apple to continue making phones that don't play well with other means that it can no longer be the best phone...its limited. As for the best on the market, it depends on the approach: iphone 5 is best in reliability, 920 is best in build quality, the Note 2 is best in functionality.

    I'm guessing that the WP sites were first to notice this and so Nokia is currently in the lead but i think this will end up in "what phone do you have/what phone do you like best" and will thus result in the most liked phone (perhaps spammed by fanboys) and not the best smartphone

      And why would you think that? Because your dear iPhone isn't in the lead?

    @vlad your opinion.
    your judge. but not a fact. everyone got his own preferences.
    my personal phone is with 138gramm not a lightweight for some people. i wish it would be heavier ;) so we see, their are other opinions on this planet.
    for you, the iphone may be the best, for other people, a lumia is the best and for other ones the SGS3 is the best.... it's a personal thing. nothing absolut.
    (sry for my bad english)

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    Got my nokia 920 yesterday for $690 outright from telstra. Love the thing!

    I know these polls end up skewed by Microsoft fanboys (including myself but I own a Lumia 920 so I'm allowed) but the current gap is crazy, its almost 3800 more votes than the closest rival.
    Is that just fanboys or is that legitimate?

    Also, Lumia 920 is awesome.

    Why have you split the vote for the 3g and 4g version of Galaxy s3 - divide and conquer, eh?

    Go 920. I've owned half the phones on that list and I legitimately believe it deserves this crown.

    Just a thought crossing my mind, how will you guys sleep after seeing the result of this poll. :)

    Wow! Every tech site should do this, especially The Verge so that we can slap their faces silly.

    Looking at results this skewed it's clear that pole tampering has sadly sabotaged any believable result. Also I agree that splitting almost identical phones ("like the HTC One X/XL and Samsung Galaxy SIII/SIII 4G") was a very poor decision by the pole creator. I'm not sure what Gizmodo can do to fix this mess?

      Buy a Lumia 920?

      They'll be counted together. All is well with the world.

    i voted for nokia lumia 920 bcuz it everything in one box .........with its most amazing camera and screen it makes lumia 920 a king of all smartphone ......and more specially it comes with new and fresh wp8........woo i wish to have one :P

    I voted for the Lumia 920 because of its stunning Display and the great camera.

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