Gift Guide: Last-Minute Gifts For The Geek In Your Life

So you're stranded for a gift for the geek in your life? Don't worry. No matter how old, young, male, female, nerdy or geeky they are, these are last-minute gifts you can get that anyone worth their gadgety-salt will enjoy.

The best thing about all of these gifts is that you can pick them all up from your local electronics store. Get in, get the gift, get out. What could be simpler?

iPod Touch 32GB

Music, apps, games: the iPod Touch has it all. It's a great gift to unwrap, and you'll be able to pick it up from any good gadget or electronics store.


The Kindle is the best ereader on the market, and you can get it from damn near anywhere. Also, it's cheap! Why haven't you bought this yet?

Xbox 360 4GB

Why not let them spend the rest of 2012 gaming their goddamn faces off? With the Xbox 360 they can.

Nexus 7

It's our tablet of the year, and it can go right under your tree for cheap this Christmas.

Spotify Premium

So your geek is also a music buff? Why buy them one CD (what even is that?) when you can buy them a library of music? Spotify Premium subscriptions can be given a printable e-card so it's dead easy to get at the last minute.



    Seriously. How much money does Gizmodo think the average viewer has? I have a budget of about $50 per person I buy for. That means I spend nearly a $1000 in Christmas presents. (lots of family). If I went by Gizmodo's gift guide, I'd be looking at closer to $5000+. Even the so called "Cheap gift guide article" in Lifehacker was $150+ per gift.

    Next time Gizmodo does a gift guide, why not try to be realistic? Put a few expensive toys in there (I might buy one for my wife), but consider that most people have a *much* lower budget.

      The heading clearly says "...for the geek in your life.."

      Not Geeks. This is a last minute gift list for the GEEK IN YOUR LIFE. An important person in your life. Not your 20 family members.

      Seriously, rather than whining at Gizmodo go and do a Google Search "Geek gifts under $50"

      Merry Christmas.'s a guide, not a shopping list. Gizmodo isn't suggesting you buy someone every item that is listed/recommended. So no, you wouldn't be spending $5000 per a person. It'd be redundant anyway, you'd have both iPod Touches and Nano's and probably eight brands of headphones under the tree.

      From memory they have listed cheaper items in other guides anyway.

      Last edited 24/12/12 12:19 pm

    Sorry - I wouldn't be impressed with any of it!

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