Gift Guide: Geeky Toys And Fashion For Your Christmas Stockings

Light-up shirts to TARDIS bathrobes, LEGO starfighters to 3D consoles -- these are some geeky stocking stuffer ideas to get your Christmas shopping under control.

TARDIS Bathrobe

While it might not be that much bigger on the inside, you'll still be the best-dressed time machine in your bedroom. [ThinkGeek]

Anything From

Threadless is simply the best t-shirt store on the web. Anything from here, even one of the gift vouchers, would be perfect. [Threadless]

Nintendo 3DS Console

This one's a little more expensive, but what better gift is there than the gift of the third dimension? Mario's there too. [EB Games]

Wheatley Keychain

Great things come in small packages, that's what makes Wheatley so amazing. You can now get a keyring-sized version for all your scientific, wise-cracking fun. [Oh My Geek]

Android Figurine

Show your platform love with this 3-inch Android figurine. I've got one of these holding a Gizmodo flag for me. Make me proud you little green bastard. [Oh My Geek]

Playstation Vita Console

This is another one of those slightly expensive geek gifts, but the receiver will love you forever more. [EB Games]

Drum Machine T-Shirt

I wouldn't normally encourage people to slap my chest, but in this shirt it actually helps you get your funk on. Aw yeaaaaah. [ThinkGeek]

Portal 2 Earrings

Show that special someone in your life that you think there's a whole dimension between her ears with these awesome Portal-themed earrings. [ThinkGeek]

Batman Money Clip

When Batman's needs to go for drive-thru, he doesn't take his wallet. He just whips this handy bat-clip from his utility belt. [ThinkGeek]

Full-Length Stormtrooper Costume

This is legit. It's a full length Stormtrooper costume so you can run around town doing stupid shit in the name of the Empire. Don't break it though; it's worth $US1299. [ThinkGeek]


    Luke must be so popular with the ladies, especially if he thinks threadless if the best place to buy tshirts.

      Don't you worry about me and the ladies, and yes, Threadless is the best place to buy shirts.

        Threadless was the best place to buy shirts about 4 years ago. Then their designs went downhill and they changed the shirt supplier.

        Last edited 13/12/12 8:15 am

        Actually Threadless is still popular amongst a lot of women (I have a female housemate) She always buys things for her boyfriends from Threadless.

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