Gift Guide: Brown-Nosing Gifts For The World's Best Boss

You love your boss. Or, if you don't, you might want to seem like you do. In fact, even if you hate his or her guts, they're still an important person in your life. Obviously. They sign your paycheques. So you should at least convince them you appreciate that. Here are some gifts that can pull it off.

Govino Decanter

This wine decanter is great because it's made of shatterproof completely recycled polymer. There's also a nice little notch to rest your thumb. Bonus: it looks super expensive, but it's actually really affordable.

Urbio Happy Family Planter Set

I love having plants around. This pretty planter is so simple, and it's the perfect addition to your desk. Everyone, even your boss, needs a little more zen.

1940s Banker's Chair

Every office needs a really good chair, and this design is a classic. It's a reproduction of the timeless banker's chair, and it will never go out of style. It's on the pricier end of the spectrum, so if you're looking for a gift to go in on with your coworkers, here's your answer.

Spartan Hardwood Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knives are kind of a fail safe when it comes to gifts. They're classic in terms of style, and they're really useful. Plus, the quality of these tools is kind of a given.

Filson Large Wheeled Duffle

Filson makes stylish bags that are nearly indestructible. It's a pricey gift but it's a memorable one. And hey, if you're lucky your boss will pass it on to his son some day and you'll have secured a place in his will.

Sunspel Wallet

This wallet is as simple as it is beautiful. It's made out of pressed cotton and supple leather and is based on an old wallet design for the 1950s. The ol' bossman will be glad to have this in his pocket.

Bodum Tea For One

This well-designed tea infuser lets you take your loose leaf tea on the go. Your boss will use this awesome tea infuser every day. So he'll think of you and remember how thoughtful and amazing you are.

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