Factory Workers In China Photographed With The Cheap Things They Build

Having a bad job is better than having no job, but there's no doubt that monotonous, bottom-wage manual labour is the pits. Photographer Michael Wolf snapped this haunting series of Chinese workers building cheap toys for... us.

The labour depicted here is of a very different kind than that at Foxconn in one important way: these people know what they're building. Dolls, trucks, little Mickey Mouse figurines. They're cogs, but not in a machine so vast they don't know what the end result is. Still, it's not exactly rewarding work -- and their faces show it all, though Wolf tells us the atmosphere in the factory was mostly "busy, not depressing."

Photos: Michael Wolf. Republished with permission.



    Looks like a pretty ordinary factory job to me. I've worked dozens of them.

      Yes me too, but I got more than a couple of dollars a day, I also didn't work 12 to 18 hours a day, and if I got sick I didn't get the sack. How about you?

        You assume that just because they are Asian workers they are getting a bum deal? Show me where it states these conclusions that you have come to?

          thats not an assumption, thats a fact.

            Uhhh..no that's an assumption. Probable but still an assumption.

    Pretty sad these essentially throw away items are a global industry. Drowning in our own plastic hell.

    Not too many smiles.....
    Makes you realise how We westerners do buy a lot of crap. Can you imagine a world where our energy is put into making things that benefits humanity and not something thats going to landfill after a couple of months when a kid gets bored with it.

    Lol @ the lady on the right in the 'pink dog' photo...

    "This is what we make. For real, man... for real"

    Of course they're not smiling. They're probably trying to meet a daily quota to avoid getting sacked, and some goose keeps asking them to stop and pose for a photo!

    Nice work from the photographer with this series.

    Suddenly, and without warning, I my soul feels dirty.

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