Dick Smith Versus JB Hi-Fi: Rating Tonight's Rival Wednesday Sales

Both JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith are holding one-off sales tonight (Wednesday December 5). We've sorted the actual bargains from the unremarkable deals for your shopping pleasure.

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Up-front, we'll make our usual point about these sorts of sales: shop around ahead of time (or in store on your phone) to work out if the bargains are worthwhile, and don't buy anything purely because it's "on special". Both these chains have extremely regular sales events, so if you miss out this time around it's not like you'll have long to wait. There's remarkably little overlap between the two, with JB Hi-Fi emphasising movies, TV and music and Dick Smith concentrating somewhat on accessories.

Dick Smith

Dick Smith stores are holding a "family and friends" sale from 5pm to 8pm (local time) on Wednesday. Despite the name, anyone can visit the stores for the sale. The deals will also be offered online, though seven physical stores (Logan Hyperdome, Rockhampton Stockland, Box Hill, Busselton, Kalgoorlie, Bunbury and Albany) aren't taking part. Dick Smith has confirmed that the online sale will run from 5pm to 8pm AEDT (so plan carefully if you're in Queensland, SA or WA).

Deals that potentially offer unusually good value 20 per cent off ink, toner and printers; 30 per cent off navigation devices; 50 per cent off surge boards; 50 per cent off TV antennas; 50 per cent off AV senders and wall mounts; 25 per cent off home theatre systems; 25 per cent off memory cards; 15 per cent off HP and Compaq Computers; 30 per cent off headphones; 30 per cent off helicopters (only in-store).

Deals that are OK but often replicated: 10 per cent off iPods; 15 per cent off TVs; 25 per cent off digital photo frames; 30 per cent off tablet and camera cases and accessories; 30 per cent off mice, keyboards, networking gear and mobile phone accessories; 15 per cent off SLRs.

Deals that aren't good value: 10 per cent off iTunes cards is weak; right now, 7-Eleven has 30 per cent off. 50 per cent off HDMI cables sounds impressive, but Dick Smith regular prices are still much higher than eBay, so I'd look elsewhere.

JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi's 'Wicked Wednesday' sale runs in all stores and on its site throughout the day. Stores are open until 9pm. (JB Hi-Fi has additional sales deals running throughout the month which we're not including in this list.)

Deals that potentially offer unusually good value: 30 per cent off car sound; 50 per cent off JBL speaker docks; 30 per cent off Pioneer products; 40 per cent off digital radios.

Deals that are OK but often replicated: 20 per cent off Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs; 15 per cent off compact cameras; 20 per cent off DVD and Blu-ray players and recorders.

Deals that aren't good value: 15 per cent off Canon printers is beaten by the Dick Smith deal.

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