Could Someone Please Show Leica How To Make A Proper Lens Mug?

Hello Mr and Mrs Ernst Leitz GmbH. Thank you for meeting with me. The reason I asked you to stop by today was because I have some concerns with your son Leica and his ability to follow simple directions.

Yesterday, during our art class, we asked the students to tackle a simple project: just turn their respective lens designs into mugs, water bottles and vacuum flasks. It was a straightforward lesson in cash grabs that both Nikon and Canon excelled at. But I'm afraid your Leica just couldn't wrap his head around the idea.

I honestly think he just grabbed a disposable coffee cup from our cafeteria, spray painted it black, and then drew on some lines and numbers. As you can probably understand, we're extremely disappointed with his efforts, and can't believe he intends to sell them as limited edition items for $US35 a pop. I'm afraid we're going to have to put him in Remedial Pandering for the remainder of the semester. [PetaPixel]



    Wow, that really is a pretty poor effort alright.
    On the other hand, there's no worries about accidentally shoving a cup full of coffee onto your camera I guess.
    That Nikon one looks gorgeous .

    I've got a 24-105 f4L mug. I also own a 24-105 F4L lens. It's quite easy to mistake the two from a couple of metres away,

    Ah yes, but what if this lazy design had an ulterior motive? Like Leica giving this whole lens-as-coffee-cup fad the big middle finger?

      What if Leica are making a coffee cup shaped lens?

      And giving customers the finger too by charging $35?

    there aren't any leica lenses that could accomodate an average sized coffee, they've all extremely small. The Noctilux could probably hold an espresso at a stretch. But why would they degrade a $11k lens like that

    Maybe it's a hint that they're about to release a lens that looks like a coffee cup?

    Just a show of leica's attitude to their customers $35 for some printing and a lack of effort where Canon and Nikon both have put in the moulding effort for the doesn't look like a hand made object, so in this instance it is merely a poorly made and marketed coffee mug copy you can buy with a print of choice for half this price ........

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