Color Blindness Test By EnChroma: Find Out If You're Afflicted

Are you colour blind? Maybe you are, maybe you aren't -- but have you ever put that question to an actual test? You can, and it's very simple.

What does it do?

Tests your colour vision. If you're colour blind, it will tell you how colour blind you are, and what time of deficiency you have.

Why do we like it?

There is a Counting Crows joke in here somewhere, but all kidding aside, colour blindness is really, really common. If you've never checked, you probably would like to know definitively whether or not your among the millions of people who have defective cone cells in the eyeball region. And if you have to subject yourself to a vision, you might as well do it in a beautifully designed app like this one.

Color Blindness Test by EnChroma

Download this app for:

The Best:

Find out if you're colour blind

The Worst:

Oh no, you're colour blind!



    Hooray! Normal colour vision.

    Yep, I'm definitely colour blind. But I've known that since I was a kid, and these tests just further prove it.

    I just recently found out one of my mates is full colour blind, (please don't think I am being mean) the scary thing is he is an electrical engineer in aviation.

    It's kind scary when all the wires are generally designated by colour.

      I think your lying to be honest.

        Nope hand on my heart honest mate!

        I just asked him how he gets by, and he said that he generally runs wires from pin designations on terminals, and reads the wires colour names on the boxes.

      unless his recruitment predates when these policies came in, please tell me how he faked the colour perception tests!

    yep, still colourblind... I got a nasty shock when i tried joining the navy through adfa as an electronics engineer when i found out i was red-green colour blind. They gave me a list of roles i could do (chef, steward) none of the techy duties i wanted. considering up to 10% of all men have some form of colourblindness, this puts our gender back considerably!

    Tests like this depend on the different coloured spots having equal luminance. However, whether this is the case will depend on your screen. Therefore, even if you CAN see the pattern you COULD still be colourblind. This is not to say that the app is useless, just that it is worth bearing its limitations in mind.

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