Color Blindness Test By EnChroma: Find Out If You're Afflicted

Are you colour blind? Maybe you are, maybe you aren't — but have you ever put that question to an actual test? You can, and it's very simple.

What does it do?

Tests your colour vision. If you're colour blind, it will tell you how colour blind you are, and what time of deficiency you have.

Why do we like it?

There is a Counting Crows joke in here somewhere, but all kidding aside, colour blindness is really, really common. If you've never checked, you probably would like to know definitively whether or not your among the millions of people who have defective cone cells in the eyeball region. And if you have to subject yourself to a vision, you might as well do it in a beautifully designed app like this one.

Color Blindness Test by EnChroma

Download this app for:

The Best:

Find out if you're colour blind

The Worst:

Oh no, you're colour blind!

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