Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Friday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Friday Night

This Weird-Looking Portable Bluetooth Speaker Is Unbreakable
Oh really. Give it here. I’ll break it.

The Secret To Making Food Look So Delicious In Ads
That tomato sauce ad with the giant speakers comes to mind. It totally works too, because I promptly get up and go looking for pasta.

Genius Dad Makes Flying Quadrocopter To Walk His Kid To The Bus Stop
He should start selling them. Paranoid parents everywhere will pay.

Rumourmodo: Microsoft’s New Xbox Will Be Available By Christmas 2013
That’s such a broad and vague estimate it must be true.

Why Does Dell’s Ubuntu XPS 13 Cost More Than The Windows Version?
I would imagine cost of development would be a factor, no? Developers are picky.

Image: anthimeria/Flickr