Apple’s Revised Guidelines Could Allow The POP Universal Charger To Live Again

Apple’s Revised Guidelines Could Allow The POP Universal Charger To Live Again

Fully-funded on Kickstarter almost three times over, the POP universal charging station was basically ready to go. That was until the creators failed to get Apple’s approval, as it won’t allow the Lightning adaptor, used in the iPhone 5, to live harmoniously with the older 30-pin connector. Now it seems Apple has changed its mind; the POP may not be dead after all.

ArsTechnica had a chat to consumer electronics behemoth about the issue, specifically the “Made for iPod” program that provides hardware makers with everything they need to build and sell accessories for Apple devices. MFi also outlines a set restrictions, including the aforementioned rule regarding Lightning and 30-pin connectors.

Turns out Apple has “reviewed the specifications” and changed its mind. According to the company, there were “technical issues” in the way of allowing the Lightning and 30-pin connectors to function as chargers “side-by-side”. The specifications have now been updated to allow this functionality.

Ars then got in touch with POP mastermind James Siminoff. The POP was not approved for the MFi program by Apple because of its multi-adaptor functionality and hence why Siminoff cancelled the project. While the change in guidelines is good news for the project, Siminoff still has some concerns. From Ars:

“If it has to be an Apple-only product, and Lightning can’t be next to, say, an Android charger, then it’s still not something we want to make.”

He was a little more optimistic on POP’s Kickstarter page, posting the following comment:

Well Apple might have changed their guidelines. We are checking with our manufacturer (that is how the process with Apple works) and if it is true then we will be making POP! Hopefully we will know for sure in the next 7-10 days (the holidays might impact this). As soon as we do we will tell everyone. I will also be writing up a update and sending to everyone in the next 24 hours.

Guess we’ll know its fate in a week or two!