Apple's iPhone App Of The Year Is A Joke, Right?

As is customary for this time of year, Apple has just released its "Best of 2012" list for the App Store. And the winner of the coveted Editor's Choice award goes to…Action Movie FX. Let that sink in for a few seconds.

Instead of picking a potentially disruptive app or an actually good one, the crack team at Apple decided to opt for a special effects app. Surely there must have been other more noteworthy apps that launched this year to choose from, no? I don't understand how this is one of the "year's best releases".

What about Sparrow, Brewster, Square Wallet, Clear, Dark Sky or even Letterpress? iPhoto is one hell of an app too. And yet Action Movie FX somehow ended up as the best app of the year. It's not even innovative or disruptive in any way. It makes very little use of the iPhone's hardware. I am disappoint.

What would you have picked as your favourite new iPhone app of 2012?



    I thought for sure Apple Maps would be up there. Figure was pretty awesome, but I would have said Flipboard - only it was released in 2010 :(

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      I thought for sure Apple Maps would be up there. Propellerhead was pretty awesome...

      Whoa, have you actually used either of those two apps you've mentioned? I ask because:

      1) Apple Maps is appalling.

      2) "Propellerhead" is the not the app, it's the developer. The app is called "Figure".

        Updated to reflect Figure - my bad. And I like it, it's a good time killer, and an interesting user interface for making music.
        As for Apple maps - please, tell me more about this. I mean, it has Apple's name on this, surely it must be great

          Sorry, I had my "serious hat" on and didn't get the (now glaringly obvious) sarcasm in your statement. My bad!

    This must be based on popularity alone. Not so much a 'best' app, but maybe the most downloaded?

      I would have assumed they would factor in downloads and reviews?

      Their site says this is their Editors choice. Their most downloaded apps how as whatsApp Messenger, Draw Something etc on the right hand side. Draw Something Free and Skype the top free apps

      Interestingly for iPad it's Paper - which was a good drawing app, with Pages and Angry Birds Space as the top sellers with the rest of the Apple iPad apps. Skype, Ebay, and Calculator free make up the top Free apps - which makes sense given the lac of a calculator app.

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        The iPad still doesn't have a calculator?

        That seems like a bit of a weird oversight.

    We all know it's really Google Maps but Apple won't dare admit to that would they?

      It's a mapping service. How is that disruptive (if you align with the idea that the list should've picked disruptive apps)? Maps were cool five years ago.

        Well it proved pretty disruptive when it was withdrawn from iOS and was replaced with Apple Maps.

          Sure but that doesn't really gel with the notion of disruptive startups making unique software now does it.

    Is Brewster even available in Australia? Can't find it in the app store.

    As the description of the app states: "More crowd-pleasing than a Hollywood blockbuster".

      I dunno, Michael Bay might have something to say about that.

    What about DJay? Or was that last years?

      That was last year. I think it was recognised by Apple at the time also.

    Yeh.. I don't know what I would have picked.. but definitely not that one...

    that's funny. When I go and look at the editors' choice, the app of the year goes to "Paper by FiftyThree"

    Action Movie FX is the runner up.

    Not an app I'd pick, but I'll admit to having a bit of dumb fun with it. My young nephew didn't know what to make of the car that dropped on him without him noticing.

    Apple Editor's Choice Award (let's call you "Pot"), meet Gizmodo/Lifehacker/Kotaku Editor's Choice Award (and let's call you "Kettle"!)

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