Apple Lets A Fake 'Halo 4' Into The App Store

Did you guys hear about the Halo 4 port on iPhone and iPad? Apparently Microsoft and 343 Industries have the whole thing running on both the iPhone and iPad, and it's just five bucks. The only difference is it's just a chess game and not even a little related to Halo. Oh.

So uh, here's what's going on: There's an app in the iTunes App Store called Halo 4. It's a chess game. But its description is basically the full rundown of Halo 4, and its attendant screenshots are all of Halo 4, even the iPhone versions which are the total wrong aspect ratio. And then there are the 206 reviews (4.5-star average), which are quite positive, aside from a few people who are apparently not robots:

Aside from this "most have game", the only other app available from this developer is something called "Live Wallpapers - Living Animated Lock & Home Screen". Its production value seems a little short of Halo:

So everything aside, this is kind of a hilarious oversight from Apple, which in hindsight might have just been feeling left out of the distributor screw-up parade this week. [iTunes App Store via MacMixing via Cult of Mac]

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